The ideal solution for cooling in summer and increasing thermal comfort in winter, the
SMART H thermodynamic double flow ventilation system
also improves the
air quality
. Save energy while increasing the efficiency of your HVAC system!

SMART H uses the energy already present in the building and can multiply the power of this energy in order to satisfy the heating and cooling needs.
Ideal installation in technical rooms or insulated attics, but also above the false ceiling of a tertiary building (50-60 cm)
Everything you need to know about the SMART H CMV, its characteristics,
its operation
its regulation
its advantages
complementary systems


The Smart H CMV is a
controlled mechanical ventilation
double flow with thermodynamic recovery.
Horizontal type (H), Smart H can be installed under the ceiling with its good compactness, 110 cm wide for 40 cm high.
Very appreciated in tertiary buildings, this VMC can equip a nursery, a medical space, an office or a training room. The Smart H is well suited to all housing projects, whether new or renovated.

Here is an example of a dual-zone single-family home configuration:

Below is another example of a machine start as a replacement for an existing system:


Smart H consists of a compact monoblock without outdoor unit, which integrates the extract air heat pump and a rotary compressor.
It is also equipped with low consumption fans and the insufflation extraction flow is adjustable.
Such a system is very easy to install in a technical room thanks to its reduced dimensions and a great modularity of the air outlets.
Thanks to its assembly in the factory, the thermodynamic circuit is immediately operational after the finalization of the associated aeraulic installation and the electrical connections. It is not necessary to use a certified installer for the use of refrigerant gas


With its heat energy reserve, the Smart H central heating unit is able to provide up to 3.1kW of power. It can be associated with one or two additional heaters on the air supply.
It can produce up to 6 kW if combined with additional heaters.
In active cooling mode, it also offers a cooling capacity of 2.67 kW of cooling capacity for temperature conditions of 35°C outside/27°C inside.


A centralized touch control allows you to adjust the temperature by indicating the set points for heating and cooling.
You canalso adjust the thermostat directly from your smartphone when you connect your mobile device with your installation via wifi.
The VMC automatically regulates itself according to the temperature, humidity and VOC (indoor pollutants) set points in each of the 2 zones.

All the settings are available, including the active cooling mode, free cooling (free cooling at night) and over-ventilation to dehumidify and depollute.


The 3 elements that guarantee a good functioning of the Smart V

In the same way as the VMC
Smart H
Smart V has three main elements that guarantee a good performance of the system:
● The ventilation network consisting of the clean circuit for incoming air and the exhaust air circuit.
● Thethermodynamic exchanger which allows the transformation of the extracted energy to thus heat or cool the hygienic new air arriving in the living rooms. This is a heat pump on reversible extracted air which provides heating in winter and cooling in summer.
Intelligent system control according to your temperature settings


– In winter, maximum recovery of heat from the extracted air regardless of the outside temperature conditions.
– Reduced consumption for heating (high performance heat pump).
– Air recovery near a stove and redistribution throughout the premises
– Free cooling
– Improvement of summer comfort by cooling and dehumidifying the new air (possible thanks to the reversibility of the system).
– Internal air quality control. Renewed air and high efficiency filtration
– Low consumption fan
– Low noise level
– Simplified installation: compactness of the unit, modularity of connections adaptable to all room configurations, integrated refrigeration circuit.
– Easy maintenance, filter change indication.
– For a horizontal installation in attic or reduced space (minimum height 500 mm) the installation will be carried out on anti-vibration pads, suspended or with a wall fixing.


The Smart H CMV is available in two models with different capacities and power ratings. Both can equip
homes, offices, medical practices, nurseries…

We can treat with a single machine rooms from 60 to 220m².
We can also multiply the systems if the premises are larger or more specific.

Description and technical characteristics of the Smart H 200 and Smart H 300

  • Double flow CMV unit with high performance thermodynamic recuperator on the extracted air.
  • Functions: Ventilation and recycling, heating, active cooling, automatic free cooling

and dehumidification.

  • User interface through the Touch Screen panel.
  • Automatic regulation of the air flow in permanent connection with the temperature reading.
  • Options: sensors for air quality control (humidity and VOC) possible coupling to heating

by the power supply of the heat pump (Acquaria Duo).

  • Maximum flow rate 300 m3/h.
  • Exterior structure in varnished aluminum panels.
  • Internal structure in elasticized melamine resin with a density of 11.5 Kg/m3 allowing thermal and phonic insulation.
  • Maintenance accessible and replaceable filter cassettes
  • 2 centrifugal fans (IP54).
  • 2 Exchange coils with 15/10 aluminum/magnesium fins and copper circulation tubes.
  • Control panel for the control of operating parameters, regulation and diagnosis.
  • Communication protocol: ModBUS.
  • Class G4 air inlet filter (COARSE 65%).
  • Air outlet filter class G4 (COARSE 65%) and optional filter F7 (ePM1 55%).
  • Regulation of the air flow of the ventilation: from 0 to 600 m3/h
  • Sound pressure of 42 to 45 dB(A) NF EN ISO 3741.
  • Supply voltage 230 V / 50Hz.
  • Power output at 300m3/h with outside air at -7°C and inside air at +20°C: 3.64 kW.
  • Power consumption at 300m3/h with outside air at -7°C and inside air at +20°C: 0.76 kW.
  • Power output at 300m3/h with outside air at +35°C and inside air at +27°C: 2.67 kW.
  • Protection class: IP 31.
  • Air duct connections: 2 x DN 200 mm on the front side + 2 x DN 200 mm on the rear side.
  • Condensate drain connection DN 20 mm at the bottom.
  • Net weight: 60 Kg.
  • Dimensions: WxHxD: 1100 x 400 x 450 mm.


The Smart 200 H is a central unit offering a nominal air flow of 200m3/h.
It admits a heating capacity of 3.9 kW of which 2 kW is supplied by a complementary heating system.
In active cooling mode, it offers a power of 1.78 kW and can reduce the temperature of the air supplied in summer to -27°C.

Its COP is 3.67, i.e. for 800 W of energy consumed, it produces 2936 W of energy.

Smart 200 H integrates the “free cooling” and “Bizone” functions to allow a programmed heat distribution.


The Smart 300 H is a central unit with a nominal airflow of 300m3/h.
It admits a heating capacity of 5.1 kW of which 2 kW is supplied by a complementary heating system.

In active cooling mode, it offers a power of 2.67 kW and can reduce the temperature of the air supplied in summer to -27°C.

Its maximum COP is 4.79, so for 800 W of energy consumed, it can produce 3832 W of energy.

Smart 300 H integrates the “free cooling” and “Bizone” functions to allow a programmed heat distribution.



The Smart V thermodynamic double flow ventilation system and Smart H units can be combined with
additional equipment
to boost their energy performance.

In fact, for specific heating needs, you can connect your CMV with :

Ask us for advice to choose between Smart 200 H and Smart 300 H !


The VMC Smart H series benefits from an easy adjustment thanks to a centralized control that simplifies the adjustment of the thermostat by following a time range. This
centralized control
can be connected to a Smartphone in order to remotely control the CMV and its complementary systems.

During the commissioning of the system, MyDATEC offers a tutorial for entering the data necessary for its
thermal control
. These tools ensure better control of temperature and hygrometry.

Ask us for advice on choosing between Smart 200 H and Smart 300 H!

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