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Indoor comfort in all seasons

Heat, cool and sanitize your home

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Heats and cools

With one system, simply control

Clean and filtered air

Efficient filtration, free of VOCs and pollutants

Energy saving

Your energy consumption and costs decrease

Thermodynamic CMV: complete systems for optimal comfort!

The French manufacturer MyDATEC offers a new generation of CMV that meets the new requirements of the thermal regulation, climate change and your indoor comfort.
The thermodynamic double flow CMVs are able to ventilate, purify, heat and cool your premises continuously and without you having to worry about it!

  • No more pollutants coming from the outside thanks to a powerful filtration system.
  • Remove moisture and indoor pollutants by changing the indoor air more than once every two hours.
  • Use the energy in the exhaust air before it leaves the building to make heat or cooling energy from the air entering your building.
  • Divide this energy into two zones, day/night or ground floor/floor.
  • Connect your thermodynamic CMV with a complementary system to improve your comfort.
  • Control all these solutions remotely.
To guide you in your choice, contact us!

The advantages of the MyDATEC thermodynamic double flow ventilation system

Ideally designed to improve your indoor comfort, the MyDATEC CMV solution combines a number of advantages.

With a coverage capacity of 200 m2, the MyDATEC system can renew the air in a dwelling and can be expanded to meet the ventilation needs of a larger area. Our solutions are particularly popular in medical practices, day care centers, schools and professional offices. MyDATEC is involved in the new and renovation of buildings.

The system regulates itself according to the user’s desired temperature. These settings will allow the system to automatically change modes (heating, ventilation, over-ventilation, dehumidification, free cooling or active cooling).
Thresholds for pollutants (VOCs) and humidity not to be exceeded can also be specified to the system. In addition, a fine programming can be configured to modulate the temperature requirements in the building according to 8 daily time slots and differentiate between weekdays and weekends.

By recovering the energy from the stale air just before it is exhausted from the home, our system is able to :

1. To increase the temperature of the fresh air flow entering the dwelling, approximately +27°C in heating mode (winter and mid-season).
If 0°C outside, at the start of the machine the supply air to the living rooms (living room, bedrooms) will be 27°C
If 10°C outside, the air blown in will be 37°C (excluding electrical resistances)

2. To lower the temperature of the fresh air flow entering the dwelling, about -17°C in cooling mode (summer).
If 37°C outside, the supply air will be about 20°C.

To ensure this energy production, the system consumes the equivalent of a domestic refrigerator + freezer (with a consumption between 500W and 800W) according to the models of VMC and the sizes of the projects to equip).

MyDATEC provides an assembly guide for the parts that make up your thermodynamic CMV.
It provides you with the guidelines to connect all the equipment, from the air components to the various connections.
MyDATEC makes an explanatory diagram on the plans of your project in order to facilitate the installation of all the components of the “aeraulic kit”. This set is made up of ducts, distribution boxes, control units, extraction and insufflation outlets, roof or wall outlets, clamps and other installation accessories.

If necessary, a MyDATEC-approved installer can come to the site to install the device and put it into operation.

MyDATEC thermodynamic double flow ventilation systems

We make sure that each installation is adapted to the specificities and constraints of your buildings. Renovation, new construction, BBC or passive house, tertiary building (nursery, medical practice, offices etc.)

Learn about our product lines that will provide your building with maximum energy efficiency.

SMART V vertical thermodynamic double flow ventilation system

The SMART V thermodynamic dual-flow CMV system combines all the functions to efficiently ventilate, cool, heat and dehumidify your rooms. The reversibility of the system allows the production of fresh air in your living rooms (living room, lounge, office and bedrooms) and thus guarantees your summer comfort.

See the product

SMART H horizontal thermodynamic double flow ventilation system

Smart H is a solution that is suitable for both installation and replacement of an existing machine often installed in the attic. Its characteristics are very well suited to tertiary buildings. It can be installed in the false ceiling. This is due to its low height of 50 cm and its layout which allows for the horizontal deployment of its ductwork thanks to its 4 modular outlets.

See the product

As a reversible device, the thermodynamic double flow CMV completes the heating and cooling needs by adjusting the thermal comfort according to the seasons.

  • This ecological and economical concept is distinguished by its ability to purify indoor air and recover energy from stale air just before it leaves the building.
  • This air flow comes from all the wet rooms of the house: WC, bathroom, storeroom, laundry room and the kitchen. The extracted energy will be transferred and multiplied by the integrated heat pump to heat or cool the fresh air flow entering the building.

In this way, the MyDATEC CMV offers a triple guarantee of better indoor air quality, optimized heating of your spaces and remarkable summer comfort. Depending on the volume and configuration of the building, an aeraulic study must be carried out before each project for an optimal and durable installation.

Yes. Based on the detailed plan of your building,
MyDATEC offers a personalized study
with a complete diagram of the aeraulic distribution network, the extract units, the insufflation and recycling units, as well as the fresh air inlet and the stale air outlet towards the outside of the building.

The more insulated and airtight the building, the more necessary it is to have a ventilation system capable of removing pollutants from the building.

Indoor air pollutants are of 3 types:

  • The CO2 that we release through our breath, if present in too large a quantity, causes problems of concentration and sleep.
  • The water vapor, H2O, that we reject by breathing but also by the showers, the cooking vapors, the washing machine and the dryer, is responsible for the degradation of the building and favors the proliferation and the development of the bacteria inside the premises.
  • Volatile organic compounds, VOCs, are present in large quantities in household products, furniture, detergents, tobacco, etc. They are carcinogenic for our body

It is therefore essential, and all the more so in a recent building, to expel these pollutants to the outside in an optimal and mechanical manner.

The MyDATEC systems renew the indoor air more than conventional systems and control, thanks to sensors, the thresholds that should not be exceeded in the home. If the threshold is crossed, then the machine “over-ventilates”.

What is the budget for a MyDATEC system? Contact us for more information!


MyDATEC offers additional equipment that can be associated with the thermodynamic double flow ventilation system.

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Our Double Flow CMV

Hydraulic wells


Pellet stoves

Wood stoves


The stove / insert logs or pellets to increase the heating power of housing. By positioning a vent close to the stove area, the VMC will recover warm air from this area and distribute it throughout the house. Learn more about the log stove.

If it is a pellet stove, a control module is available to ensure the control of the stove automatically by the thermodynamic vmc. The regulation of the 2 systems will then be simplified and the consumption controlled. Learn more about the pellet stove.

The Canadian / Provençal air or water well is a very good ally for our CMV system since it makes it believe that the summer is not very hot and that the winter is mild.

MyDATEC recommends the hydraulic well because it is more reliable, easier to install, and avoids the radon and humidity problems that can exist with an air duct buried underground. Learn more about Canadian wells.
Example: If the outside temperature is 0°C, you can gain between 7°C and 10°C with aeraulic or hydraulic geothermal energy. Added to the energy created by the thermodynamic VMC (+27°C), we can raise the air blown in to a temperature between 34°C and 37°C.

Electrical complements such as radiators, towel dryers, electric floors, or heated false ceiling tiles.
Thanks to additional thermostats linked to our VMC, the electric complements are only triggered when needed.
The regulation of our VMC can be bi-zone (day / night). All the electric complements and their thermostats can then be associated to each of the two zones or be independent.

Example: If the thermodynamic CMV lacks power for your comfort, the supplement is provided by :
– an electric floor in the living room / kitchen affiliated to the day area
– 1 radiator per room affiliated to the night zone
– towel dryers in independent bathrooms

The thermodynamic DHW tank is the only system that cannot be associated with our VMC for two main reasons:

  • The VMC already uses all the energy available in the extracted air of the wet rooms and has nothing more to give to the thermodynamic balloon.
  • In case of problems it is better to have two independent systems.

This thermodynamic balloon does not have an external unit, it is directly connected with two ducts towards the outside of the building (air intake and rejection)

It has a stainless steel tank that blocks corrosion = no anode and therefore less stress and maintenance.

In addition, its integrated heat pump allows you to consume up to 5 times less than a conventional electric water heater and to save up to 80% of energy for domestic hot water.

In order to preserve indoor air quality, filters should be changed once a year if you are in the countryside and twice a year if you are in a built-up area.

MyDATEC alerts you to intervene on your filters thanks to a timer on touch control.

The fresh air filter will block pollutants (insects, pollens, dust, fine particles…) before they enter the building.
The exhaust air filter is used to protect the machine.

A turnkey service

Benefit from a global support of your project

  1. New or existing project, dedicated support: If your project is new, it is subject to the thermal regulations in force. We help the design office to enter our systems in their software with tutorials.
    If the project is existing, we advise you based on our field feedback and our 40 years of experience.
  2. Explanations and personalized advice: we help you find the best solution according to your requirements, your geographical location and the performance in terms of insulation and waterproofing of your building.
  3. The personalized aeraulic study of your thermodynamic double flow VMC according to the plans that you will have transmitted to us.
  4. A ready-to-install kit for all the ducts, distribution boxes, vents and airflow accessories
  5. Training of your local installer or referral to a partner installer
  6. Help with commissioning
  7. Service and spare parts available within two weeks
  8. Maintenance and filters Subscriptions available to remember to change them regularly for optimal efficiency of your CMV!
  9. MyDatec warranty: two-year warranty on all your parts

A proactive and innovative player in the field of renewable energy, MyDATEC is a French company based in the Lyon region. Today, it is an institution recognized throughout Europe for its expertise in the design and installation of thermodynamic double flow ventilation systems.

As a French manufacturer for over 30 years, MyDATEC is well ahead of a building sector in full mutation as well as the new thermal regulations.

Located in the Rhône department, 20 minutes from Lyon, MyDATEC strives to advise its customers, adapt to their requirements and offer them the best compromise between indoor air quality – comfort in all seasons – energy savings.

In constant search of innovation, the company regularly improves its systems in terms of performance, regulation and connection to other complementary systems to respond to a multitude of construction projects.

Feed your projects

Tertiary offices 100 sqm

Rolland Bois in Oytier (38)
Machine: 200 H with change over

Single-storey house

Plaisance du Touch (31)
Model: Smart 200 + – 2019

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Double Flow CMV

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Double Flow CMV

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VMC installation

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Frequently asked questions

It depends on the thermal performance of your house and your heating habits!

  • The MyDATEC thermodynamic CMV can provide an average of up to 3KW of heating power through its heat pump alone on extracted air.
  • In new buildings: As a general rule, MyDATEC provides almost all the heating needs in newly built houses that meet RT2012 standards. A supplement via a wood stove, a Canadian well, and/or electric resistances of safety for the big cold could be recommended in certain cases.
  • In renovation, MyDATEC provides in most cases the totality of the heating needs in mid-season, which will allow you for example to stop your old more energy consuming system during this period of the year. In some cases, MyDATEC and your other heating system can be coupled to work together in the most economical way.
  • The best solution: Depending on the thermal performance of your house, its surface and the region where you live, a specialized thermal study office will be able to tell you the heat output you need. Based on this study, we will be able to tell you whether your MyDATEC installation requires additional heating.
When ventilating, cold air is introduced (at the outside temperature) which, after being heated to room temperature (about 20°C), will be expelled to the outside. This loss constitutes a significant part of the total heating balance. The solutions are:

  • The double flow CMV with static exchanger will limit the waste of this loss by trapping part of the calories before rejecting the extracted air to the outside.
  • Instead of wasting this energy, the thermodynamic VMC will use it as a source to produce heat or cold (principle of the heat pump). Indeed, this heat source is constant, approximately at 20°C
  • To compare the two systems, we could say that a thermodynamic CMV has an efficiency of 400 to 500% since it brings 4 to 5 times more energy than it consumes.
  • The thermodynamic CMV is a ventilation system coupled to a heat pump of the same family as the AIR/AIR systems usually found on the market.
  • The difference is that: an AIR/AIR heat pump draws its source of calories from the outside air (between -10 and 10°C in winter). A heat pump on extracted air (MyDATEC) draws its source of calories from the air extracted from the house via the ventilation system (constantly at 20°C)
  • The disadvantage of the PAC air / air is that it works less well in winter (when the source is cold) when the needs are the most important
  • The thermodynamic CMV provides maximum performance in winter (COP of 6 at -10°C)
  • The MyDATEC thermodynamic heat recovery unit, thanks to its refrigeration circuit (extracted air – new air heat pump), allows the extracted air to be cooled down to around +2°C. We therefore take “18°C” to which will be added the dehumidification of the extracted air coming from the kitchen and the sanitary facilities, i.e. the “latent” heat, as well as the equivalent in heat of the electrical energy supplied to the unit (compressors, fans).
  • In fact, the temperature of the new air will be 25 to 30°C, of which 18 to 20°C will be recovered from the exhaust air. (In the example above, the evolution would be: extracted air: +20°C => +2°C; new air: +10°C => + 35C°).
  • When the extracted air is rejected from the dwelling at a temperature lower than the outside temperature, which will be the most frequent regime (example +2°C for +10°C outside) the system will draw heat from the outside environment.
  • MyDATEC is a brand from Lyon, exclusively made in France
  • MyDATEC has the easiest to install, most compact system on the market
  • MyDATEC has the best performance in heat pump on extracted air
  • MyDATEC is the only brand to provide you with this level ofservice (technical study with quotation, preparation of the kit, technical assistance during installation, free breakdown diagnosis)

The MyDatec system can be perfectly integrated in a multi-storey house, but as for a single-storey house, the installation will depend on the layout of your house. It is preferable to anticipate spaces reserved for the passage of ducts such as false ceilings, very early in the project with your architect

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