Thermodynamic hot water tank (DHW)

Domestic hot water is essential and especially mandatory in a dwelling. There are different ways to produce domestic hot water depending on the energy used. The thermodynamic hot water tank is without doubt one of the most interesting solutions for those who are looking for an efficient and economical system

What is a thermodynamic DHW tank?

Definition of the thermodynamic hot water tank

The term “thermodynamic” is used to define devices that operate on the principle of heat exchange. In other words, a thermodynamic device uses calories recovered from an external environment. The calories are therefore not produced by an energy source such as electricity or gas.

Therefore, the thermodynamic device can produce cold or heat depending on the calories recovered.

A thermodynamic hot water tank is a system consisting of a tank equipped with a heat pump. It is therefore a water heater more than a simple storage tank.

How does a thermodynamic DHW tank work?

The tank is equipped with a
heat pump (PAC

In the case of a thermodynamic balloon, it is an air/air heat pump which recovers the calories of the outside air in order to heat the water present in the balloon.

However, the thermodynamic balloon is also equipped withan electric resistance of help in case the heat pump would not be enough to heat the water, and more particularly when the temperature is too low or when the demand in hot water is too important.

Why choose a thermodynamic hot water tank?

An economical solution

The thermodynamic balloon is not necessarily the most economical solution to buy. However, in the long run, it is ultimately more economical than an electric or gas water heater.

Indeed, a heat pump needs electricity for the compressor, but the consumption is very low compared to the consumption of a water heater with electric resistance. The thermodynamic balloon can reduce electricity consumption by about 50%.

An ecological solution

The thermodynamic component of the tank, i.e. the heat exchange, does not generate any pollution and is totally clean. Indeed, the calories recovered from the air or water are inexhaustible.

Finally, the only environmental impact is the electricity used to run the heat pump compressor.

The thermodynamic DHW tank is a much more ecological system than water heaters running on gas, oil or electricity.

Compliant with RT2012

The thermodynamic balloon is part of the list of equipment that complies with the
thermal regulation RT2012
and the next one, the RT 2020. This makes it ideal for new construction and renovations.

Access to MaPrimeRenov

This is a bonus implemented by the State and has replaced the tax credit for energy transition (CITE).

The amount of the bonus varies according to the work carried out, the equipment installed and the household income. Concerning the thermodynamic hot water tank, MaPrimeRénov varies from 800€ to 1200€.

The MyDATEC thermodynamic tank

Features of the MyDATEC water heater


The MyDATEC thermodynamic DHW tank exists in 2 volumes:

  • EDEL 200 AIR : 200l
  • EDEL 270 AIR : 270l

Thermal characteristics

It is designed to work even when it is particularly cold, down to -7°C, and in hot weather, up to 35°C.

The MyDATEC tank heats water up to 60°C.

Advantages of the MyDATEC water heater

A silent heat pump

The heat pump of the thermodynamic tank is particularly silent. At a distance of two meters, the sound level does not exceed 33dB.


The MyDATEC DHW tank is equipped with a patented high-performance eHD exchanger and a high-efficiency compressor.

Performing and durable

By opting for this DHW tank, you are choosing reliability and performance. Indeed, the tank has a very solid and perfectly sealed stainless steel tank.

It benefits from a coefficient of performance (COP) of 3.44 in accordance with the NF16147 standard.

MyDATEC is committed to offering you efficient, economical and environmentally friendly heating and hot water systems. If you are looking for additional information regarding these items (
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