The SMART range

We make sure that each installation is adapted to the specificities and constraints of your buildings. Renovation, new construction, BBC or passive house, tertiary building (nursery, medical practice, offices etc.)

The SMART range of MyDATEC thermodynamic double flow ventilation units is ideally suited to renovation projects for individual houses, and to air treatment in small or decentralized public buildings (tertiary applications).

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MyDATEC offers
VMC solutions
that meet the needs of installation in
individual house
or in
professional premises
. By providing you with the VMC kit, we offer you a guarantee of quality, compatibility, performance and durability of your installation.

Whether you are upgrading or installing a new system, here is an overview of the specific features of our thermodynamic double flow ventilation systems. Discover the functions,
the advantages of installations
and control of the MyDATEC thermodynamic double flow CMV.


MyDATEC develops double flow ventilation systems with hybrid properties. In concrete terms, these are double-flow CMVs integrating a heat pump on extracted air.
This superior range double flow ventilation system allows to :
● ventilate clean indoor air
● make heating
● refresh the home
● manage 2 control zones independently
● control additional heating systems such as pellet stoves or electric supplements
This has earned MyDATEC the title V. It certifies that its thermodynamic double flow ventilation systems comply with energy performance requirements.

The SMART range of MyDATEC


The Smart V is a double flow ventilation system with thermodynamic recovery, ideal for installation on the ground floor, in the basement or in a technical room.

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The Smart H is a double flow ventilation unit with thermodynamic recovery, ideal for a suspended installation in attic, or fixed in height under the ceiling of a technical room. It benefits from a higher ventilation power and is therefore more often adapted to tertiary projects.

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The MyDATEC CMV acts as an air handling unit (AHU)
● It allows the extraction, the treatment and the insufflation of the air in the networks of aeraulic ducts.
● In addition to its
ventilation function
function, the thermodynamic recovery unit is also able to produce thermal energy to heat or cool the ambient air.
● To ensure this energy production , the system consumes the equivalent of a domestic refrigerator + freezer (with a consumption between 500W and 800W) depending on the models of VMC and sizes of projects to be equipped).●


As an essential complement to insulation, MyDATEC CMV is necessary to ventilate buildings with tight walls preventing natural air renewal. With a
Extraction and filtration capacity superior to that of conventional double flow CMVs
The MyDATEC CMV is sufficient on its own to clean the air in a space of less than 250m².
The MyDATEC thermodynamic double flow ventilation system continuously extracts air from the utility rooms (laundry room, bathroom, kitchen, WC) and blows heated or cooled fresh air into the living rooms (living room, lounge, office, bedrooms)
● It is equipped with
supply and extract units
facilitating the transit of fresh air and stale air.
● The system is also equipped with
G4 and F7 filters
capable of neutralizing nanoparticles, bacteria, dust aggregates and pollutants that spoil the air.


The VMC contributes to the heating station:
● By recovering energy from stale air just before it is exhausted from the home, our system is able to:
1. To increase the temperature of the fresh air flow entering the dwelling, approximately +27°C in heating mode (winter and mid-season).
If 0°C outside, at the start of the machine the supply air to the living rooms (living room, bedrooms) will be 27°C
If 10°C outside, the air blown in will be 37°C (excluding electrical resistances)

The whole device can be associated with a wood stove The whole device can be associated with a heating system, electric complements, horizontal geothermal to extend its uses in heating. The MyDATEC CMV is even more efficient in winter. In fact, the lower the outside temperature, the higher its performance. This is made possible because the integrated heat pump will draw calories from the extracted air (about 20°C) and not from the outside air which is subject to strong variations.


To lower the indoor temperature in summer, MyDATEC thermodynamic double flow ventilation systems can produce up to 3 kW of cooling energy. With this power, if you have a normally insulated house, there is no need for an air conditioner!

Note that there is a free cooling mode, the freecooling.
It consists in bringing fresh air into the house at night by using only the fans.
On hot days, activate the boost function to allow the heat pump to lower the temperature of the fresh air coming from outside by 17°c cooler.
If 37°C outside, the supply air will be about 20°C.


● Knowing the constraints of the installations and the ventilation needs
in individual residential and tertiary sector
MyDATEC has designed two
ranges of thermodynamic double flow CMV
Each one has the necessary functions to ventilate, heat and cool your home.

SMART V vertical thermodynamic double flow ventilation system

The system
SMART V thermodynamic double flow ventilation system
system combines several functions: ventilate, cool, heat and dehumidify your rooms efficiently.
Smart V has a lot going for it:
– Renewing the indoor climate in an efficient way
– Capture energy in the exhaust air before it is released to the outside
– Provide energy to the new air entering the house
– The reversibility of the system allows the production of fresh air in your living rooms (living room, lounge, office and bedrooms) and thus guarantees your summer comfort.
– With a small footprint, 1 m wide and 50 cm deep, Smart V can be installed in a technical room, a laundry room or a cellar. The duct outlets are on top of the system, so the ducts go directly to the attic or the false ceiling in a vertical way.
– The filters are easily accessible from the front of the machine. Well insulated in a heated volume of the building, the system maintains its performance perfectly, impacting only 0.5 m2 of surface of your house.

SMART H horizontal thermodynamic double flow ventilation system

Smart H is a solution that is suitable for both a new installation and the replacement of an existing machine often installed in the attic. Its characteristics are also very suitable for tertiary buildings such as nurseries, schools, medical practices, offices etc.
It can be installed in the false ceiling. This is due to its low height of 50 cm and its layout which allows for the horizontal deployment of its ductwork thanks to its 4 modular outlets.

Moreover, this system is often used to replace old static or thermodynamic double flow ventilation systems. If the condition of the existing ducts is correct, the machine and an adapted connection kit are supplied to find the comfort of a filtered, well renewed and tempered indoor air in all seasons.


To assist you throughout the commissioning of your Smart V and Smart H central heating unit, MyDATEC provides you with :
● an installation manual
● a technical team.
a complete airflow kit supplied with the plant. It includes:

  1. the sheaths,
  2. exterior and roof outlet grills
  3. the distribution boxes,
  4. the air vents and extractor vents.

● An aeraulic plan: it allows you to have a visibility on the layout of the ducts, the vents, the distribution box and the central unit. This will make the installation easier.


Offering a simplified adjustment mode, Smart V and Smart H can self-regulate according to the user’s instructions.
Indeed, these devices allow a thermal regulation of the rooms thanks to an initial parameterization of the temperature settings during their commissioning. These data can be updated with the
remote control
of these devices.

Define your project and choose the most suitable central ventilation unit for your installation!