Ideally designed to improve your indoor comfort, the MyDATEC CMV solution combines a number of advantages.

– A system capable of adapting to different types and sizes of buildings

With a coverage capacity of approximately 250 m2, the MyDATEC system can renew the air in a home and can be expanded to meet the ventilation needs of a larger area. Our solutions are particularly appreciated in homes, medical practices, day care centers, schools and professional offices. MyDATEC is involved in the new and renovation of buildings.
In order to treat a larger building, we multiply the VMC systems. This allows us to treat buildings in several control zones.

– An autonomous system and a simple and intuitive control

The system regulates itself according to the user’s desired temperature. These settings will allow the system to automatically change modes (heating, ventilation, over-ventilation, dehumidification, free cooling or active cooling).
Thresholds for pollutants (VOCs) and humidity not to be exceeded can also be specified to the system. In addition, a fine programming can be configured to modulate the temperature requirements in the building according to 8 daily time slots and differentiate between weekdays and weekends.
– In addition to ensuring healthy air in the building, the production of hot and cold air is clever and very energy efficient.

By recovering the energy from the stale air just before it is exhausted from the home, our system is able to :
To increase the temperature of the new air flow entering the dwelling, approximately +27°C in heating mode (winter and mid-season).
If 0°C outside, at the start of the machine the supply air to the living rooms (living room, bedrooms) will be 27°C
If 10°C outside, the air blown in will be 37°C (excluding electrical resistances)
To lower the temperature of the fresh air flow entering the dwelling, about -17°C in cooling mode (summer).
If 37°C outside, the supply air will be about 20°C.

To ensure this energy production, the system consumes the equivalent of a domestic refrigerator + freezer (with a consumption between 500W and 800W) depending on the models of VMC and the sizes of the projects to be equipped).

– A ready-to-install kit and easy installation

MyDATEC provides an assembly guide for the parts that make up your thermodynamic CMV.
It provides you with the guidelines to connect all the equipment, from the air components to the various connections.
MyDATEC makes an explanatory diagram on the plans of your project in order to facilitate the installation of all the components of the “aeraulic kit”. This set is made up of ducts, distribution boxes, control units, extraction and insufflation outlets, roof or wall outlets, clamps and other installation accessories.

If necessary, a MyDATEC-approved installer can come to the site to install the device and put it into operation.

● The disadvantage of the thermodynamic double flow ventilation system

The only disadvantage of this system is its higher acquisition cost than the standard single and double flow ventilation systems on the market. However, its value is measured by its energy efficiency, its robustness and its versatility which satisfy the needs of our users in all seasons