Stoves and log inserts

During most of the year, the double-flow CMV is sufficient to ventilate the interior of the house and to maintain a comfortable temperature.
But when the thermometer drops, the CMV must be able to rely on an efficient heating system. In this sense,
vmc and wood stove
represent an ideal pairing.

Why opt for a CMV and a wood stove?

The comfort of wood heating

The heat from burning wood is gentle and enveloping. It is much more pleasant than that produced by an electric heater.
combining a VMC and a wood stove
the heat can then be diffused throughout the house. The wood stove is then used as the main heating system when the outside temperature is too low for the double-flow VMC to be sufficient.
Compared to a traditional fireplace, the stove has the advantage of being more affordable and requiring much less work to install. Knowing that those who want to enjoy a bay window similar to a fireplace while hiding the rest of the body of the stove can turn to a log insert. It is a wood stove designed to be inserted into a wall.

An efficient and economical heating system

Wood stoves commonly offer an efficiency of over 90%. In other words, 90% of the fuel is transformed into heat that is diffused within the home. In this respect, wood stoves are among the best.

But they have an additional advantage, as they are particularly economical. There are many models of wood stoves designed to optimize fuel consumption, whether pellets or logs.

An ecological heating system

The wood stove is a particularly ecological heating solution.
Indeed, wood is a renewable resource, unlike gas or resources used to produce electricity and oil derivatives such as fuel oil.

The ecological aspect is even more important when the wood stove is connected to a VMC. But the ecological impact also depends directly on the wood stove and its design. It is important to have an airtight wood stove in order to comply with the current standard and to avoid any disturbance of the MyDATEC

RT2012 and MaPrimeRénov

The airtight wood stove is in the list of equipment meeting the RT2012. Therefore, it is suitable for new construction as well as for renovated old houses.

It also allows you to benefit from the MaPrimeRénov. It is a bonus that replaces the tax credit for energy transition (CITE). Its objective is to encourage investment in equipment that improves the energy performance of housing. Thanks to this device, the installation of a log stove allows to benefit from a bonus of 2500€.

VMC and wood stove

Couple the double flow CMV with the wood stove

MyDATEC® double flow ventilation system
allows to ventilate the house and to maintain a comfortable temperature.
Indeed, the principle of such a ventilation is to
use energy
The principle of such a ventilation is to use the energy present in the stale air before it leaves the building to make heat or cold energy to the air entering your building. As such, in order to maintain the CMV and ensure its optimal operation, it is important to replace the CMV filters when they are worn. Do not hesitate to
to order our filters for VMC
However, when the outside temperature is particularly low, the VMC is not sufficient to heat the house. The trick is to
coupling the CMV and the wood stove.

Thanks to this system, the ventilation system and the wood stove are connected, allowing to diffuse in the whole house a part of the heat produced by the wood stove.
This installation considerably reduces the energy consumption to heat the house and thus makes significant savings on the annual energy bill. For more information on this subject: contact us.

A CMV compatible with other systems

In addition to the combination of double-flow ventilation and wood stove, the MyDATEC ventilation system is compatible with other complementary systems.
Thus, for practical reasons you may prefer
a pellet stove
Similarly, the CMV can also work with
a Canadian well
. If your home is going to be equipped with
electric radiators and floors
they can be directly connected to the VMC.