MyDATEC designs
Thermodynamic double flow ventilation systems
as well as complementary equipment for heating and domestic hot water production.
Within the of these complementary systems we find :
● pellet / pellet stoves,
● stoves and log inserts,
● Canadian wells,
● electric radiators and underfloor heating systems,

Let’s briefly present these different complementary systems to the MyDATEC thermodynamic CMVs and come back to the interest of opting for such a system.

Complementary solutions with MyDATEC® CMVs

Pellet stoves

Also called pellets, pellets are small cylinders of compressed wood residue. They offer an optimal yield and are clearly superior to conventional wood.
The pellet stove MyDATEC is presented as a solution efficient, comfortable, quiet and in line with the RT2012. It also allows you to benefit from MaPrimeRénov up to a maximum of 3000€ (see the details of the
price of a VMC
pellet stove
s is designed to operate in addition to the MyDATEC double flow ventilation system. Part of the heat produced is then transferred to the ventilation circuit allowing to heat the whole house. An ideal solution in winter when the VMC alone is not sufficient to maintain a sufficiently high indoor temperature.

Log stoves and inserts

This type of wood stove is designed to work with logs. It can be used with natural logs
Thanks to the log stove, you benefit from a heating system that is both efficient, economical and ecological. It is also compliant with RT2012 and allows access to MaPrimeRénov for a maximum amount of 2500€.
The MyDATEC double flow ventilation system can be coupled with a
log stove
. Therefore, the stove can be used to heat the house during the coldest periods. The rest of the year, the thermodynamic VMC is enough to maintain a comfortable temperature in the house.

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Electric radiators and floor heating systems

Particularly widespread in France, electric radiators and underfloor heating systems are especially appreciated for their low purchase and installation costs.
Regarding their performance, the heat produced by an electric radiator is not equivalent to that of gas or wood heating. Indeed, the electric radiator tends to dry out the air, even if this is less true for radiant models.
In addition, electric heating is not considered to be compliant with RT2012. And it is not suitable for heating large volumes. However, as an auxiliary heating system or as a complementary solution to a VMC for particularly cold periods, the
electric radiator
is quite efficient.

Canadian well

The Canadian well is a horizontal geothermal solution. In other words, the calories are drawn from the soil at a shallow depth.
Entirely passive, the Canadian well does not consume any energy, which makes it a totally ecological system.
It is used in addition to a VMC in order to maintain a temperature of comfort within the housing. In summer, the
Canadian well
brings fresh air, while the rest of the year, it allows to produce heat. However, the Canadian well is insufficient to heat a dwelling when the outside temperature is too low. It must then be completed by a heating system such as a wood stove

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Thermodynamic hot water tank

It is a water heater equipped with a heat pump.
Thanks to this
the tank can produce heat to heat the water. Therefore, the thermodynamic hot water tank allows to reduce by half the electricity consumption compared to a classic water heater.
The thermodynamic balloon is both more economical and more ecological while being efficient. Note that it is “RT2012” and that it also allows you to take advantage of MaPrimeRénov for an amount of up to 1200€.
In addition, by choosing a MyDATEC hot water tank, you have the possibility of coupling it with the MyDATEC VMC.

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A CMV for a more economical and ecological home

We make sure that everyone can benefit from a
VMC adapted to your home
. Depending on the number of rooms to be ventilated and the total volume, we offer you
a customized solution.

At a time when ecology is becoming more and more important in our society, the real estate stock must be cleaner and more energy-efficient– Our goal is for MyDATEC to provide you with the best possible The best possible performance in terms of energy consumption and production of warm or cool air depending on the season. Thus, the MyDATEC CMV is designed to renew the air and maintain a comfortable temperature, while reducing energy consumption and heat loss to a minimum.
Depending on the region where you live, a CMV may not be sufficient to heat your home in winter. In this case, the installation of a additional heating is essential. As such, the
wood stove
is an ideal choice, both efficient, comfortable and economical.
And to optimize the performance of the VMC, you can complete it with a Canadian well

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