Electric heating in addition to a VMC

Electric heating as a back-up solution or as a complement to a passive system remains a good choice.

As a so-called passive heating system, the
Thermodynamic CMV associated with a heat pump
or a horizontal geothermal solution is efficient, economical and ecological. In this situation, the electric heaters will be activated only when the outside temperature is very low. In many regions, the passive MyDATEC system is sufficient throughout the year.

However, even in this case, there are more interesting solutions than electric heating. We are thinking in particular of
wood stoves
. They are both more economical and more comfortable, and they can also be connected to the MyDATEC double flow ventilation system. In this case, part of the heat produced by the stove is diffused throughout the dwelling through the VMC ducts.

Please note that the MyDATEC CMV is compatible with different systems:

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