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It depends on the thermal performance of your house and your heating habits!

  • The MyDATEC thermodynamic CMV can provide an average of up to 3KW of heating power through its heat pump alone on extracted air.
  • In new buildings: As a general rule, MyDATEC provides almost all the heating needs in newly built houses that meet RT2012 standards. A supplement via a wood stove, a Canadian well, and/or electric resistances of safety for the big cold could be recommended in certain cases.
  • In renovation, MyDATEC provides in most cases the totality of the heating needs in mid-season, which will allow you for example to stop your old more energy consuming system during this period of the year. In some cases, MyDATEC and your other heating system can be coupled to work together in the most economical way.
  • The best solution: Depending on the thermal performance of your house, its surface and the region where you live, a specialized thermal study office will be able to tell you the heat output you need. Based on this study, we will be able to tell you whether your MyDATEC installation requires additional heating.

Of course, it is even specially adapted for this purpose. Know that with the new standards RT 2012, you will be obliged to go through a thermal study office. So, think of communicating us his coordinates so that we bring him all the elements relative to the calculation of the thermal study.

When ventilating, cold air is introduced (at the outside temperature) which, after being heated to room temperature (about 20°C), will be expelled to the outside. This loss constitutes a significant part of the total heating balance. The solutions are:

  • The double flow CMV with static exchanger will limit the waste of this loss by trapping part of the calories before rejecting the extracted air to the outside.
  • Instead of wasting this energy, the thermodynamic VMC will use it as a source to produce heat or cold (principle of the heat pump). Indeed, this heat source is constant, approximately at 20°C
  • To compare the two systems, we could say that a thermodynamic CMV has an efficiency of 400 to 500% since it brings 4 to 5 times more energy than it consumes.

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efficiency of a CMV.

  • The thermodynamic CMV is a ventilation system coupled to a heat pump of the same family as the AIR/AIR systems usually found on the market.
  • The difference is that: an AIR/AIR heat pump draws its source of calories from the outside air (between -10 and 10°C in winter). A heat pump on extracted air (MyDATEC) draws its source of calories from the air extracted from the house via the ventilation system (constantly at 20°C)
  • The disadvantage of the PAC air / air is that it works less well in winter (when the source is cold) when the needs are the most important
  • The thermodynamic CMV provides maximum performance in winter (COP of 6 at -10°C)
  • The MyDATEC thermodynamic heat recovery unit, thanks to its refrigeration circuit (extracted air – new air heat pump), allows the extracted air to be cooled down to around +2°C. We therefore take “18°C” to which will be added the dehumidification of the extracted air coming from the kitchen and the sanitary facilities, i.e. the “latent” heat, as well as the equivalent in heat of the electrical energy supplied to the unit (compressors, fans).
  • In fact, the temperature of the new air will be 25 to 30°C, of which 18 to 20°C will be recovered from the exhaust air. (In the example above, the evolution would be: extracted air: +20°C => +2°C; new air: +10°C => + 35C°).
  • When the extracted air is rejected from the dwelling at a temperature lower than the outside temperature, which will be the most frequent regime (example +2°C for +10°C outside) the system will draw heat from the outside environment.

Until the 1950s, there were, for example, no carpets or very elaborate cleaning products: the sources of pollution were probably less important. And since these houses were “sieves”, they were very well ventilated. In the 1970s the problem exploded. With the oil crisis, the insulation of buildings has been encouraged to save energy. It is this phenomenon that has aggravated indoor pollution, trapping it in our homes, at a time when mechanical ventilation was not very developed. Health problems, including allergies, have only increased since then.

It’s like the cap of your thermos bottle: it’s made for that, but you mustn’t abuse it, otherwise the coffee will get cold! Also, when you open the windows, the airflow in the house is disrupted, and your ventilation is no longer as effective. When you have a system such as MyDATEC, you should ventilate your home by opening the windows sparingly in order to limit energy losses.

  • MyDATEC is a brand from Lyon, exclusively made in France
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  • MyDATEC is the only brand to provide you with this level ofservice (technical study with quotation, preparation of the kit, technical assistance during installation, free breakdown diagnosis)