MyDatec: a ventilation system that provides 4 times more energy than it consumes

MyDatec offers a ventilation solution which, thanks to its thermodynamic system, allows the recovery of energy from the extracted air. Thus, the heat pump contained in this system, can provide a heating or cooling power.

The Smart +V dual flow ventilation from MyDatec

Today, most of the double flow ventilation systems integrating a static exchanger have an efficiency between 50 and 80%. MyDatec ensures an efficiency equivalent to 400%. In other words, the performance of the MyDatec ventilation system has the capacity to provide 4 times more energy than it consumes. (Coefficient of Performanceor COP = 3.8*). You can heat or cool your home according to your comfort.

From a technical point of view: for a consumption of about 500W, we note a restitution of 1,9 KW (calculation valid for the models RT200H and RT200V). COP = 1900 / 500 or 3.8.

Excellent performance for exceptional comfort

And concretely, how does it work?

The MyDATEC system, unlike a traditional air-water heat pump: the colder it is, the higher its COP. Therefore, the lower the temperature, the more efficient the system.

> Learn more about how the MyDatec machine works.

However, the MyDatec system must always be combined with a heating system to guarantee optimal comfort at all times. The MyDatec heat pump + pellet stove combination is, for example, a very good option.

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