Croissy-Sur-Seine (78250)

Type of project : Renovation

Installing a thermodynamic double flow CMV alone in renovation:


Here is with a little delay my promised testimony.

In 2008 we bought a house in Croissy sur Seine. The first winter spent in the house was harsh both inside and out. We had difficulty maintaining a temperature of 18-19°C during the day in the house and waking up with a temperature between 16°C and 17°C was not rare. Moreover, the huminity level was quite high.

So in the spring we decided to find a solution to get winter comfort in this house. The difficulty is that we have a cathedral living room with 5 meters of height at its peak very difficult to heat. The first idea was to change the radiators, which were more than twenty years old: but would the result be what we expected?

That’s when a big family council met and the heat pump system was put on the table. It must be said that this system has already been implemented in the family with my father-in-law and a cousin. The feedback we had, allowed us to opt for this solution: I will not praise all the advantages of this concept but by managing the whole air circulation in the house and by blowing warm air at the top of the cathedral living room, this concept meets our first requirement: that is to say obtaining a pleasant and homogeneous temperature in the whole house while renewing the air. The energy savings achieved through this concept also largely tipped the scales.

The choice having been made, we had to mount it. Appointment made with my two fathers-in-law for TOUSSAINT and an intensive week of work. Finally, I would not push to say that the hardest was to feed and water all this small world but with a good preparation and reflection of the installation of all the elements, the VMC was installed without particular difficulties: each member of the family at his post and on Thursday the apparatus was started for the first time. And all this accompanied by long evenings of discussions on this concept, all of its characteristics and ways to optimize its operation.

The result today is quite significant even if we are only in the first quarter of use: the humidity in the house has disappeared, the temperature is pleasant and homogeneous in all rooms. We now have the comfort we were looking for throughout the house. Moreover, we do not notice any additional noise. In terms of savings, we will make a complete assessment after one year, but our bill at the beginning of January has already been divided by two. In conclusion, your system has also convinced my second father-in-law who wants to install it in his new home (I think I will be asked to return the favor…)

At the same time, I would like to thank you for all the support you have given us throughout our project: you have always tried to find the best solution to our problem and your advice has always been of great help.

Please accept the expression of my best wishes

Edouard *****