Longpont sur Orge (91310)

Type of project : Replacement


I had installed the JACRAY’S heat pump (electric radiators + heat pump) 23 years ago when the system irretrievably broke down.
After searching in vain for the address of a hypothetical distributor of JACRAY’S heat pumps, I found the MyDATEC website on the Web.

The various telephone exchanges convinced me of the right choice of an RTR 3000 DATEC (RTH MyDATEC) to replace the failing JACRAY’S heat pump, the adaptation to the duct system already in place being almost immediate, but with superior performance.

Since the installation of the RTR 3003 DATEC (RTH MyDATEC), we feel more comfortable while using less electric radiators.
All the transactions were carried out remotely (telephone, e-mail), as well a