Dijon (21000)

Type of project : Replacement

DATEC RT300H thermodynamic ventilation system as a replacement
Hello, I recently bought from GAC MyDATEC a DATEC RT300H thermodynamic CMV to replace an AEROPLAST double flow CMV with a static recuperator, supplied with air from a Canadian well 36 m long, diameter 300 mm. Our house, very well insulated, is heated on the first floor (110 m2) by a 9 KW slab, on the 1st floor (90 m2) by electric steatite radiators. This VMC dating from 1983 became obsolete, I decided to replace it.

So I searched the Internet to see what was new in the field of controlled mechanical ventilation.

I discovered the site ” mydatec.com ” which proposes a thermodynamic VMC DATEC (MyDATEC), a concept which strongly interested me.

I contacted the MyDATEC sales representative by phone and he explained the advantages of this product at length and clearly, which convinced me.

After going to DARDILLY to meet with the MyDATEC sales representative to discuss, in person, the feasibility of the project and the various constraints I might encounter during installation, I placed a firm order. The detailed commercial proposal was sent to me a few days later.

I then received the package in a short time as agreed with the MyDATEC sales representative. Inside, the equipment was well marked and labeled, the technical and electrical plans were provided, which made the assembly easier.

When we started this new equipment, my wife and I had a pleasant feeling of comfort when we noticed that, without heating, we had a temperature of 21.5° upstairs and 21° downstairs (the outside temperature being 3 to 4° at night and about 10° during the day). We also found good heat distribution and ventilation in all rooms of the house.

After three weeks of operation, the performances announced by the MyDATEC sales representative are real. This machine is exactly what I was looking for.

Now we just have to wait for the summer months to test the cooling.

I would like to thank the MyDATEC team for their professionalism and competence.


Daniel *****