As a reversible device, the thermodynamic double flow CMV ensures the ventilation of the building but especially brings a very interesting heating base for the winter and allows to cool the building during the summer period.

  • This ecological and economical concept is distinguished by its ability to purify indoor air and recover energy from stale air just before it leaves the building.
  • This air flow comes from all the wet rooms of the house: WC, bathroom, storeroom, laundry room and the kitchen. The extracted energy will be transferred and multiplied by the integrated heat pump to heat or cool the fresh air flow entering the building.

In this way, the MyDATEC CMV offers a triple guarantee of better indoor air quality, optimized heating of your spaces and remarkable summer comfort. Depending on the volume and configuration of the building, an aeraulic study must be carried out before each project for an optimal and durable installation.

Detailed explanation

By recovering the energy from the stale air just before it is exhausted from the home, our system is able to :

  1. To increase the temperature of the new air flow entering the dwelling, approximately +27°C in heating mode (winter and mid-season).


If 0°C outside, at the start of the machine the supply air to the living rooms (living room, bedrooms) will be 27°C

If 10°C outside, the air blown in will be 37°C (excluding electrical resistances)

  1. To lower the temperature of the fresh air flow entering the dwelling, about -17°C in cooling mode (summer).


If 37°C outside, the supply air will be about 20°C.

To ensure this energy production, the system consumes the equivalent of a domestic refrigerator + freezer (with a consumption between 500W and 800W) depending on the models of VMC and the sizes of the projects to be equipped).

The system is autonomous and the control is simple and intuitive

The system regulates itself according to the user’s desired temperature. These settings will allow the system to automatically change modes (heating, ventilation, over-ventilation, dehumidification, free cooling or active cooling).

Thresholds for pollutants (VOCs) and humidity not to be exceeded can also be specified to the system. In addition, a fine programming can be configured to modulate the temperature requirements in the building according to 8 daily time slots and differentiate between weekdays and weekends.

A ready-to-install kit and easy installation

MyDATEC provides an assembly guide for the parts that make up your thermodynamic CMV.

It provides you with the guidelines to connect all the equipment, from the air components to the various connections.

MyDATEC makes an explanatory diagram on the plans of your project in order to facilitate the installation of all the components of the “aeraulic kit”. This set is made up of ducts, distribution boxes, control units, extraction and insufflation outlets, roof or wall outlets, clamps and other installation accessories.

If necessary, a MyDATEC-approved installer can come to the site to install the device and put it into operation.

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A global solution for ventilation, heating and cooling, the thermodynamic double flow ventilation system has more advantages than disadvantages. Its ability to treat air and recover energy to reduce power consumption is its main asset. In order to achieve its objectives, the system carries out different steps from the extraction of stale air to the renewal of air in the rooms, passing by the transfer and production of its calories to the new air coming from outside via a heat pump on the extracted air. View the CMV operating diagram to understand how the system provides indoor heating and cooling.


Through a network of insufflation, the double flow CMV brings new air coming from outside. Generally colder than the indoor air, this new air must be heated.
An active heat exchanger, the extract air heat pump, will raise the temperature by about 27°C from the energy present in the air coming from the kitchen, bathrooms, toilets and laundry room.
This new air, warmer than the initial one, will be distributed equally between the different living rooms of the building (living room, lounge, office and bedrooms). Each of these rooms has an air vent to facilitate the distribution of this air flow.


On the side of the kitchen, the bathroom and the other technical rooms, the stale air is drawn towards the network of extraction which leads towards the central unit of the thermodynamic double flow CMV. The heat pump will then capture its energy and raise the temperature of the outside air flow to the living areas.
Once this transfer is accomplished, the stale air, emptied of its energy, is thus close to 2°C. It is then discharged to the outside via a roof or wall outlet.


The thermodynamic double flow CMV controls the air flow in the house as well as its heating and cooling. By bringing in new air at a higher temperature than the indoor atmosphere, the CMV provides a very good living comfort.
In addition, the temperature of the rooms remains fairly stable in summer and winter. Contrary to the double flow CMV, the single flow CMV simply allows the new air to penetrate inside without being able to be neither tempered, nor heated. With this standard ventilation system, the temperature difference then generates a significant additional cost on heating and air conditioning.

MyDATEC makes it possible to cool and heat the building according to two distinct zones from two blowing outlets.
● The first insufflation network is intended for the “Day” zone
● The second network, at the “Night.”
Thanks to this separation, the BIZONE option makes it possible to better regulate the thermal environment of the rooms and to optimize the heating in the rooms that require it.


MyDATEC has developed thermodynamic CMVs characterized by a reversible operating cycle. This gives them a dual purpose:
● cooling following a refrigeration cycle
● heating through the integration of a heat pump.
In concrete terms, the heat exchange between the incoming and outgoing air flows will cool or heat the rooms to an optimal temperature. Adopt the MyDATEC 3-in-1 reversible dual-flow ventilation system, which combines ventilation, heating and cooling for your home.


Combined with an integrated thermodynamic heat pump, MyDATEC adds more comfort to your daily life thanks to an autonomous and efficient heating. In contact with the stale air, the heat transfer liquid contained in the heat pump heats up and becomes gaseous. A compressor amplifies the temperature and transfers it to the incoming air stream.


Following a refrigerating cycle, the circuit cools and dehumidifies the air blown as soon as it crosses the cold battery of the CMV system.The excess of heat and humidity is transmitted to the stale air when it crosses the hot battery of the thermodynamic CMV before being expelled to the outside.


The MyDATEC thermodynamic double flow ventilation system can produce 4 times more energy than its electrical consumption. For a consumption of about 500 W, the MyDATEC VMC provides about 1900 kW. This results in a coefficient of performance close to 4. With such a COP, this system will allow you to enjoy a climatic comfort beyond your real expectations.

This performance increases as the outside temperature drops. Indeed, the colder it is, the more the thermodynamic double flow CMV gains in performance. Its efficiency is reinforced in very airtight buildings meeting RT 2020 standards that require a lot of fresh air without the heating being affected.

Discover the thermodynamic CMV that meets the needs of your sector.


Meet all the conditions to ensure better operation.

In this regard, a sizing and configuration study of the ventilation network must be carried out beforehand so that the CMV system meets the constraints of your building.

Choose the right location for the double flow unit, if possible in a utility room rather than in the attic. This makes it much easier to check and maintain the filters.

A thorough study of the air duct network will also help to determine the right length of the ducts and to limit the number of accidents along the way. The insulation of the ducts plays a major role in the restitution of the ambient heat.

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