Pellet stove / pellets

In winter, when the temperature is particularly low, a CMV needs to be supplemented by a heating system to maintain a sufficiently comfortable indoor temperature.
In this respect, the pellet stove MyDATEC is an efficient and particularly energy-saving solution, especially when the dual-flow ventilation system and the pellet stove are combined.

What is a pellet stove?

Definition of a pellet stove

The pellet stove is a heating system using wood as fuel. It is also called pellet stove which means “balls” in English.
Pellets are small cylinders made of dried and compacted wood residues. As a result, they have a particularly low moisture content of less than 7%, which offers an optimized yield. Indeed, their combustion and their calorific contribution are superior to that of a log.
There are different sizes of pellets ranging from 1 to 3cm in length and 0.6 to 0.9cm in diameter. They are usually sold in bags of about 15 kilos.

The advantages of the pellet stove

Compared to a conventional wood stove, the pellet stove offers several advantages:
Greater heat diffusion: capable of heating larger areas that can exceed 100m2.
More functional: the pellet stove can be used as a supplementary heating system or as the main heating system
Heats up faster: the temperature rise is faster.
Better combustion: with their low moisture content and their compression, pellets are significantly more efficient than conventional logs
More efficient and more energy efficient: the combustion of pellets offers a higher calorific output than that of conventional logs
Easier storage: pellets take up less space and are less messy than logs
● It can start by itself, without the intervention of a person
● It can be started automatically by our Thermodynamic CMVs if the heat emitted by the CMV is not sufficient to wait for your temperature set point.
More generally, the pellet stove is a pleasant and comfortable, efficient, economical and ecological heating solution.

The MyDATEC pellet stove

Features of the MyDATEC pellet stove

EVEREST and Everest Round (not the same characteristics). Therefore, it is necessary to add them + visuals.

Power and consumption

It is a pellet stove with a nominal heat output of 6.2kW offering a nominal efficiency of 95.1% for a heating volume of 148m3.

Its consumption varies from 0,6 to 1,4kg/h and it produces 4,2m3/h of smoke. The pellet stove MyDATEC has a tank capacity of 22kg giving it an autonomy of 16 to 34 hours.

Dimensions and colors

Regarding its dimensions, the MyDATEC pellet stove is 46cm wide, 100cm high and 55cm deep. Please note that for safety reasons, the back of the stove must be at least 15cm from the wall, while a space of 14cm must be left on each side, 1m above and 1.5m in front.

It is available in 4 colors: black, white, wood, burgundy.

The advantages of the MyDATEC pellet stove

At MyDATEC we have designed a stove that combines the best qualities in performance and comfort.

Our goal is for you to enjoy a stove that is perfectly optimized to meet your heating needs.

Whether used as a supplementary heating system or as the main heating system, the MyDATEC pellet stove allows you to get the most out of wood heating while being as economical as possible.

Prior to the installation of the double flow CMV and the pellet stove, we propose a
personalized aeraulic study

Double flow ventilation and pellet stove

As a MyDATEC product, this pellet stove is compatible with the double flow ventilation and the MyDATEC central unit.

More precisely, a vent placed on the ceiling near the stove recovers part of the heat emitted and goes directly into the VMC. In this way, the heat produced by the stove is diffused throughout the house
the VMC
and in a homogeneous way. The stove then functions as a true central heatingsystem for the home.

In addition, the MyDATEC control unit automatically switches the pellet stove on and off according to the temperature program set on the control unit. The use and consumption of the stove are then optimized and more eco-responsible. For example, the stove stops working at night and during the hours when no one is present in the house.

In the end, the MyDATEC control unitsaves almost 40% of pellets. For an optimal installation, do not hesitate to consult the page

VMC regulations


Note that the MyDATEC thermodynamic ventilation system can also be
coupled with a log-burning stove

Performing and durable

The MyDATEC pellet stove offers an efficiency of over 90%.

In other words, more than 90% of the energy consumed during the combustion of pellets is used to produce heat to heat the home. This performance makes it particularly effective, especially during periods of extreme cold. It has a minimum heat output of 2.5kW and a nominal heat output of 6.2kW.

The MyDATEC pellet stove is built to last. In this sense, its manufacturing quality is excellent thanks to very solid materials. It is equipped with a 316 stainless steel crucible.

By coupling the double flow CMV and the pellet stove, the house will be heated by the stove in winter, while
the VMC will allow to cool the house in summer.

Quiet and comfortable

With an autonomy of 16 to 34 hours thanks to its tank capacity of 22kg, the pellet stove does not need constant attention. Simply program it and let it run independently, then add pellets from time to time.

From a comfort point of view, the MyDATEC stove is particularly quiet. It produces a soft and homogeneous heat.

Not to mention the visual comfort provided by the flames from the burning pellets. Therefore, the stove is ideal in a living room and in any room where you want to create a warm atmosphere.

An RT2012 solution

A dwelling must meet the latest thermal regulations in date. The pellet stove is
compliant with RT2012
. Therefore, it is compatible as a heating system for a new construction or a renovated old house. The RT2012 standard implies a more energy-efficient home that generates less CO2.

Note that the pellet stove is included in the list of equipment eligible for MaPrimeRénov which replaced the CITE since January 2021. More precisely, the installation of a pellet stove allows access to a 3000€ bonus.

Other systems compatible with the MyDATEC® double flow ventilation system

In addition to the double flow ventilation system and pellet stove, MyDATEC offers other assemblies:

Double flow ventilation and log stove

Double flow ventilation and Canadian well

Double flow ventilation and electric radiator and floor heating

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