Smart+ V

ccm-1 Reactive system (no inertia)
ccm-2 Integrated heat pump, no external unit

ccm-3 Filter maintenance from 30€ / year
ccm-4 Hot air distribution(VMC and wood stove)


Ventilation mode

*Heating: MyDATEC is a ventilation system which, by thermodynamic recovery of the extracted air, provides heating or cooling power. This system must always be associated with a heating complement. The overall heating system must be defined through a sizing study (thermal, aeraulic, etc.) which must be carried out by a qualified professional.

How does it work?

Thermodynamic comfort, ideal for high-performance buildings(RT2012 / passive)

Cooling mode

Heating mode

Dual-zone option


The insufflation network of the MyDATEC device is divided into two outlets. A first departure towards the insufflations of the Zone known as of Day and a second departure towards the insufflations of the Zone known as of Night.
The operation of theBIZONE option is to concentrate a large part of the heating or cooling power of the MyDATEC device on the zone in demand when only one of the two zones is in demand.
 The dual-flow damper allows a maximum flow rate of 60 m³/h to pass through the insufflation branch on which it is mounted, if it is not activated (closed at rest). In the case where it is activated (opened under voltage), the flow rate is no longer limited.
The operation of the BIZONE is totally automatic, you don’t have to do anything to make it work. However, information is available on your touch screen to indicate its operation.

Discover how a Ventilation Mechanique Contrôlée (VMC) works and the differences – advantages & disadvantages – between the types of VMC by clicking on the options below and by choosing your season (Summer / Winter)

Comparison of the types of Controlled Mechanical Ventilation

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