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  • Touchscreen interface
  • Temperature sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) sensor


The MyDATEC system is controlled by a touch screen that brings together all the available functions with a very intuitive interface.
The user of the system will be able to set the desired comfort temperature, to carry out its weekly programming via an ultra simple interface. All of the
Information on the operating temperatures of your thermodynamic double flow are available. On these pages, we have gathered all the information you need to manage your quality
information about the power consumption of your system distributed in the different operating modes (Ventilation / Free cooling / Heating / Cooling), as well as the management of the filter replacement function.

An installer’s menu also allows you to fine-tune the control without having to intervene on the system’s internal controller interface.

In the event of a problem, the touchscreen interface provides the user with information on the cause of the problem, allowing the manufacturer and your installer to quickly resolve the problem.


On / off
touch-pilot-9 Heating / Cooling
piloting-tactile-10 Eco / Boost
piloting-tactile-11 High activation / deactivation
timed extraction speed
touch-pilot-4 Comfort temperature setting
Indoor air quality control
steering-tactile-7 Weekly programming
piloting-tactile-5 Filter clogging management
System information
Probe calibration
Installer settings
(under password)

Field of application

  • Housing (new or renovation)
  • Tertiary
  • Replacement of old systems


Field of application

Markets Number of control points
Touch screen Air quality sensor (*1) Change over (*2)
Replacement 1 1 0 No
Habitat 2 1 1(T+%) No
Habitat (VOC) 2 1 2(T+%+COV) No
Tertiary automatic 2 1 1(T+%+COV) Yes
Tertiary 2 1 2(T+%+COV) No

(*1) MyDATEC air quality sensors are available in two versions:
Base: T+%, Temperature sensor + Humidity sensor
VOC: T+%+VOC, Temperature sensor + Humidity sensor + VOC sensor

(*2) Change Over :
It is a specific interface for the tertiary market allowing the automatic switch from heating to cooling mode and vice versa. The operator only needs to enter a heating and cooling setpoint temperature and the system automatically changes its operating mode depending on the room temperature.

In the Tertiary versions :
The touch screen can be in a remote location not accessible to users (e.g. closet or management room) as the temperature sensor is not used in these configurations. This allows, for example, in the case of a teaching room, that the regulation control is not accessible to the people who operate the place.



touch-pilot-1 – Dimensions : W 60 mm / H 70 mm / D 23 mm
– Brushed stainless steel cover finish
– Power supply: 5 VDC from MyDATEC control unit
– Communication: MODBUS RS485
– Connection: 4 wires (2xAlim. + 2xModbus)
– Fits perfectly into your
environment, with flush-mounted or surface-mounted
touch-pilot-2 – Dimensions : W85 mm / H85 mm / D20 mm
– Cream polypropylene frame
– 320 x 240 pixel color screen
– Resistive touch panel
– Power supply: 12V VDC from central unit
– Communication: Modbus RS485
– Connection: 4 wires (2xAlim. + 2xModbus)
– Fits perfectly into your

System security

– High Pressure Protection
– Low pressure protection (leakage)
– Maximum blowing temperature
– Extracted air temperature too low
– Compressor start-up fault
– Temperature sensor fault

Technical specifications

The control of your comfort and your indoor air quality

The MyDATEC system allows a heating (Winter mode – Heating) and cooling (Summer mode – Cooling) contribution. The system is controlled by one or two indoor temperature sensors allowing a management on a single zone or on two zones (Day Zone + Night Zone).
In addition to this temperature comfort management, the MyDATEC air quality sensor has a humidity sensor and a Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) sensor, depending on the chosen configuration. This information on your indoor air quality allows you to regulate your air renewal rates in order to maintain a good quality of your indoor air through a more or less important fresh air renewal in your home.

Comfort zone via temperature and humidity


VMC touch control VMC touch control
Evolution of VOC and CO2 levels in a meeting roomVOCshave a direct impact on health.
Several air quality standards (Cf OQAI: Observatoire de la Qualité de l’air Intérieur) have in the past pointed the finger at indoor air pollution by VOCs from
furniture glues, cleaning products, etc.
Also, MyDATEC’s research has allowed us to correlate CO2 pollution (human presence) with VOC pollution, the VOC sensor being more reactive
than the CO2 sensor. In fact, the presence of humans necessarily leads to VOC pollution in the air due to the presence of alcohols contained in cosmetic products and