MyDATEC in new buildings: the ideal solution for low energy and passive houses

The performance of the MyDATEC thermodynamic system is particularly valued in high energy performance houses. Today, MyDATEC equips BBC and passive houses.

Example of a BBC RT 2012 house equipped with MyDATEC




Summer comfort (Tic)

– MyDATEC (possibility to restrict this function if needed)

Production of domestic hot water

Thermodynamic DHW tank on external air or solar energy

Possible heating complements for cold regions:

  • Wood stoves: Coupling of MyDATEC to a wood stove for a regulated diffusion of the calories of this supplement throughout the house
  • Integrated electric heaters: They will only be activated when the MyDATEC system alone cannot reach the set temperature requested by the thermostat.
  • Air-source and water-source heat exchanger: to smooth out extreme temperature peaks in summer and winter


What is a thermally efficient house (BBC RT 2012, passive house, etc.)?

A thermally efficient house (BBC houses and passive houses) is a house that needs little or no heavy heating equipment to heat itself.

There are two complementary ways to keep a building warm (the principle is similar for keeping a building cold in summer):

1. Raise the volume of air in the house to temperature

  • This rise in temperature can be forced through a heating system (electric energy, gas, wood …);
  • This can also be done by natural means (heat gain through properly oriented glass surfaces, for example);
  • Finally, there are heating inputs in the house related to the activity of its inhabitants (human heat, household appliances, heat released by the bathroom when taking a hot shower, etc.).

2. Limit “heat leakage” (or heat loss) from the house:

To do this, you must: build a tight house (to avoid heat loss through air leaks), build a well-insulated house (to avoid heat loss through the walls and roof, in contact with the outside). This is the purpose of the new construction processes and the new thermal regulations that require the construction of low-energy houses (BBC) in 2013, to move towards passive houses (which have little or no heating needs) in 2020.

The MyDATEC thermodynamic CMV is THE ventilation solution for thermally efficient houses

When one has gone to so much trouble to build an airtight and insulated house, it is understandable that it is difficult to understand why direct openings to the outside are created via the air inlets located above the doors and windows (principle of the single flow CMV).

However, the tighter the house, the more vital it is to ventilate effectively to keep it to extract the traditional and toxic pollutants (various volatile organic compounds and formaldehyde) or the most economic simple flow systems (hygro-regulable simple flow) have the characteristic to reduce very strongly the level of ventilation to mitigate the associated thermal losses.

It is therefore obvious to choose a double flow ventilation system, which will ensure a reasonable level of ventilation, while avoiding cooling the house through the extraction of hot air and the entry of cold air. Adopting a ventilation system that keeps all the calories of the extracted air in the house by distributing them to the new air before it enters, seems to be the best solution, and only the thermodynamic double flow ventilation system is able to do this.

The MyDATEC double flow thermodynamic ventilation system, with its 100% thermodynamic operation, is the most efficient system currently on the market for the recovery of heat from the extracted air. Thanks to the extracted air, it provides a heating power of 2 to 3KW to the new air before it enters the house, with an associated COP of 4 to 5 depending on the outside temperature. (3Kw of heating power supplied for 0.6Kw of electrical power consumed)

Thermally efficient houses and problems of overheating in summer – (or summer comfort)

On BBC and passive houses, we often see a phenomenon of rapid overheating of the building.

MyDatec Thermodynamic double flow ventilation for new housesIn fact, these houses, which are optimized for winter, can cause problems of overheating in summer, but also in winter and sometimes in mid-season!

BBC and Passive houses get up to temperature very quickly even with a small heating source (sometimes only towel radiators or solar gain in winter are sufficient), but it is more difficult to cool them reactively.

Thanks to the reversibility of the heat pump and its variable flow rates, the MyDATEC system is able to actively cool the home and also to provide environmentally friendly free cooling if required. Moreover, choosing air heating* and cooling, as allowed by the MyDATEC thermodynamic CMV, means choosing the most reactive regulation mode (no inertia as for an underfloor heating system for example)

*heating: MyDATEC is a ventilation system which, by thermodynamic recovery of the extracted air, provides heating or cooling power. This system must always be associated with a heating complement. The overall heating system must be defined through a sizing study (thermal, aeraulic, etc.) which must be performed by a qualified professional.