MyDATEC: a 3-in-1 ventilation, heating and cooling system

Thanks to the intelligence of the MyDATEC system, the thermodynamic double flow CMV is totally reversible, switching from heating to cooling and vice versa. This is thanks to the touch screen control system and whether you are in housing regulation (individual house for example) or tertiary buildings (day care centers, offices, etc.).

In HABITAT control, the user chooses his mode (heating or cooling) thanks to a control integrated in the system.

In TERTIARY control, the changeover is done automatically for optimal comfort.

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The MyDATEC CMV and its 3 reversible modes

The natural function of MyDATEC is to ventilate. However, the reversible nature of its other features makes the system unique in the ease of switching from one mode to another.

What is a MyDATEC machine?


MyDATEC is able to extract in all rooms of the house. Filters new air and dehumidifies.

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A HEATING system

MyDATEC by thermodynamic recovery on the extracted air brings a calorific solution. In concrete terms, the system keeps the heat inside your home. This makes MyDATEC a truly comprehensive heating solution.

A COOLING system

Thanks to the heat pump integrated in the system, the MyDATEC system allows for even and silent cooling throughout the house. Real comfort for your home without air conditioning!

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