Issues related to indoor air quality

Difficult to perceive, poor indoor air quality is now a real public health problem. Indoor air is 5 to 10 times more polluted than outdoor air. In general, high concentrations of indoor pollution are not detected by label-COV-air-indoor MyADTEC thermodynamic double flow air conditioningresidents. However, they can be the cause of many diseases and respiratory problems, and a general state of “malaise”. Whereas before, we were not very concerned about air pollution in our homes, today our homes are increasingly airtight to limit energy consumption.

Renewing the air in an enclosed space is then a vital necessity today. For that the installation of a VMC is obligatory, it allows to:

  • Renewing the air in the habitat (CO2 extraction)
  • Moisture extraction (Breathing / Showering / Cooking…) Objective: 40 to 60% humidity
  • To extract VOCs (Volatile Or