All housing for which the building permit has been submitted since January 1, 2013 must comply with the 2012 Thermal Regulation.
Objective: to reduce the energy consumption of “RT 2012” housing.
In 2020, the regulations are updated. The main principles.

On the way to the “RT 2020” thermal regulation!

Applicable to all new buildings from the end of 2020, the new thermal regulation goes even further in limiting energy consumption than the “RT2012”.

Indeed, new constructions will be forced to produce more energy than they consume, with notably thoughtful architectures turned towards renewable energies, very efficient insulation, but above all the implementation of efficient ventilation.

> Learn more about“air quality” through proper ventilation.

The VMC My DATEC, thanks to its thermodynamic operation, is able to provide a heating power of 2 to 3 KW and to the new air.

MyDATEC and RT2020, a relevant global solution

The new standards are very precise and include

  • A heating consumption that should not exceed 12 KWHEP per m2 per year
  • Total “primary” energy consumption (heating, hot water, lighting) must be less than 100 kwh per m2 per year
  • A renewable energy production to cover at least the needs of the house and even surpass it.