A responsive and imperceptible system

Acoustic comfort Thermodynamic ventilationAs the MyDATEC system operates at reduced flow rates (ventilation rates), the comfort provided is incomparable:

A reactive and homogeneous temperature: Providing heating* or cooling power via the air, the MyDATEC thermodynamic CMV allows you to regulate the temperature of your home in a very reactive way. Provided that your home is well insulated and airtight, air heating or cooling is the best solution to raise or lower the temperature of your home quickly.

Imperceptible air flows thanks to reduced flow rates: Contrary to other systems that operate on higher flow rates, the MyDATEC thermodynamic CMV has the advantage of being very quiet, and does not cause any sensation of draughts. The air is diffused by supply air grilles that direct the air flow along the ceiling in an imperceptible way.



The acoustic comfort of the VMC

One of the particularities of the MyDATEC system is its silence, its discretion, in comparison with conventional air/air heat pump or air conditioning systems. Noise can come from many different sources and MyDATEC has a solution for this:

When the heat pump starts up, you can hear the compressor start up as you approach the machine. Even though this is a very low noise level, when the MyDATEC sizing the right unit for your project, they will take care to choose a location that is not in direct contact with a bedroom or a sensitive room, so that the occupants benefit from the best possible comfort. We recommend that you install the machine in a technical room (storeroom or laundry room or attic) with soundproofing of the partitions. Also, the central unit is equipped with anti-vibration mounts and suspension kit.

A silent unit: the system is completely inaudible when operating in ventilation mode.

An efficient soundproofing network: the air ducts can be vectors of noise caused by the air flow in the duct. For this purpose MyDATEC recommends the installation of an aluphonic duct, so that no noise can be generated by the network.

An insulation of the external noises : by choosing a thermodynamic VMC, you preserve you from the noises which come from the outside of your house. Indeed, the double flow system, by controlling the air flows entering and leaving the house, insulates your house from external noise pollution.


3 functions, all in 1 compact block

Comfort also means peace and quiet. MyDATEC is a compact, space-saving system. The central unit is monobloc which allows it to be placed in a cupboard, in a basement, in a technical room or in the attic.

There are two versions of the product (Horizontal and vertical) so that the central unit can be easily placed according to your layout constraints.

*heating: MyDATEC is a ventilation system which, by thermodynamic recovery of the extracted air, provides heating or cooling power. This system must always be associated with a heating complement. The overall heating system must be defined through a sizing study (thermal, aeraulic, etc.) which must be performed by a qualified professional.

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