Beyond a simple price proposal for your thermodynamic double flow ventilation system, the My Datec team offers you a complete solution. From the technical study to the after-sales service of your installation, we accompany you throughout your project.

Start from your needs and your technical environment to define an adapted CMV

  • Determining the power of your CMV

Upstream of your project, our technical experts carry out a sizing study of the plant (200, 250, 300 m3/H)

What is it about? Based on the plans of your home, we analyze the necessary regulatory extraction flow. At this point, we look at the location of the machine. (Indeed, the environment: a laundry room, a technical room or attic (necessarily insulated and ideally heated), conditions the proposed installation solution). And then, we define the dimensioning of the most adapted power plant to your habitat.

  • Define the appropriate plant model

From the analysis of these plans, we will be able to determine the model of thermodynamic double flow ventilation (Smart V, Smart H, Smart 200+) the most adequate.

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Select the network and accessory kit to put your machine into operation

Once the model and the power of the central unit are determined, we can select the corresponding network kit and accessories.

  • A customized air network kit

We carry out a second study to provide the aeraulic network adapted to the habitat (insufflation network and extraction of the stale air). It includes air inlets and outlets, sleeves, ducts, distribution boxes…. The kit is custom-made, it is totally adapted to your installation project.

Our Network Kit includes 2 types of packages:
– Single-storey packages: 100 m2, 160 m2 and 200 m2
– Floor packages: 100 m2, 160 m2 and 200 m2

  • The accessory kit

Your CMV is usually delivered with a ready-to-install accessory kit, with all the accessories and components necessary for its proper operation.

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Provide the assembly drawing and the electrical diagram

Then, we make a plan of assembly(indicates the position of the vents, the passage of the ducts…) allowing tooptimize the diffusion of the air in the house while taking into account the constraints of your housing (if presence of beams, for example).

This plan is completed by an electrical diagram (wiring).

A complete technical file will be delivered to the customer.

Finally, we provide you with a control solution: a touch screen and sensors to regulate the temperature, humidity and VOC of the area associated with the project.

Finally, offer options to improve your comfort

You can add complements to your machine: power reserves (wood stove, log stove, Canadian wells…) which allow to bring an additional calorific contribution.

A price including assistance throughout the project

From the price study to the installation of the network and the commissioning of the plant, our sales teams and our customer service are at your disposal.

Thus, our price proposals and studies are resolutely adapted to your project. Thanks to an expertise for more than 30 years, our advisers will be able to propose you the best price offer for your thermodynamic double flow VMC.

Good to know Our prices include the French quality and manufacturing guarantee: learn more about the MyDatec guarantee

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