Ceiling heater

Adopt this heating complement for optimal comfort.

See the technical data sheet of the ceiling heater range

Ceiling heater


  • Heating in the terminal part of the network
  • Complementary room by room


  • Protection: 10 A
  • Heating power: max. 450 W
  • Supply temperature: max. 50°C
  • Surface temperature: max. 80°C
  • Galvanized steel body with circular DN 125mm spigot for connection to standard duct.
  • Galvanized steel PTC resistor protection grid.
  • Regulation by PI electronic thermostat supplied in 24V AC by the blower

+ Control thermostat

  • Power supply: 24 Vac (20-26 Vac)
  • Accuracy: to within 0.5°C
  • Connections: 1.5mm².
  • Protection: IP 20 surface mounted

Technical specifications

Adjustment position, open horizontal rows


450W Heater Mouth BIC_D125_THERMOSTAT_ceiling

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