semi-rigid sheath

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  • Isolated
  • Reinforced sealing
  • Easy to clean for more hygiene
  • Cleanable
  • Shape memory


  • Food Quality according to EU 10 / 2011
  • No VOC, no release
Cleanable white PVC Food sheath Ø100 CLEANABLE_ISOLATED_SLEEVE_D100
White cleanable PVC Food sheath Ø125 CLEANABLE_ISOLATED_SLEEVE_D125

Field of application

Installation of ventilation, heating and air conditioning in all types of construction including technical clean rooms and hospitals.




    • 100% recyclable non-releasing PVC waterproof sheath
    • Temperature resistance: -10°C to 60°C
    • Airflow characteristics :
      The document NF DTU 68.3 defines in Part 1.1.1 Annex A the linear pressure drops of the air ducts according to the formula :
      ΔP : total pressure difference
      expressed in Pascal (Pa)
      Q : air flow rate expressed in m3/h
      D : Diameter of the conduit expressed in mm
      L : Length of the conduit expressed in m

    The aeraulic tests on our semi-rigid duct allowed us to define the coefficient k of the formula. You will find in the table below the values of this coefficient k according to the diameter of the duct used, allowing you to evaluate the linear pressure losses of your air duct network.


    • Conduits delivered in 10 m rings
    • Conduits deployed on the planned route
    • Glass wool insulation 25 mm
    • Ensure that conduits are not crushed throughout the network
    • Make sure that the bending radii are respected to avoid any uncontrolled pressure drop problem on the air duct network
    • All the interconnections of the various parts of the network with the ducts will be ensured by means of clamps and MyDATEC adhesive tape.