The more insulated and airtight the building, the more necessary it is to have a ventilation system capable of removing pollutants from the building.

Indoor air pollutants are of 3 types:

  • The CO2 that we release through our breath, if present in too large a quantity, causes problems of concentration and sleep.
  • The water vapor, H2O, that we reject by breathing but also by the showers, the cooking vapors, the washing machine and dryer, is responsible for the degradation of the building and favors the proliferation and the development of bacteria inside the premises.
  • Volatile organic compounds, VOCs, are present in large quantities in household products, furniture, detergents, tobacco, etc. They are carcinogenic for our body

It is therefore essential, and all the more so in a recent building, to expel these pollutants to the outside in an optimal and mechanical manner.

The MyDATEC systems renew the indoor air more than conventional systems and control, thanks to sensors, the thresholds that should not be exceeded in the home. If the threshold is crossed, then the machine “over-ventilates”.