The more insulated and airtight the building, the more necessary it is to have a ventilation system capable of removing pollutants from the building.

Indoor air pollutants are of 3 types:

  • The CO2 that we release through our breath, if present in too large a quantity, causes problems of concentration and sleep.
  • The water vapor, H2O, that we reject by breathing but also by the showers, the cooking vapors, the washing machine and dryer, is responsible for the degradation of the building and favors the proliferation and the development of bacteria inside the premises.
  • Volatile organic compounds, VOCs, are present in large quantities in household products, furniture, detergents, tobacco, etc. They are carcinogenic for our body

It is therefore essential, and all the more so in a recent building, to expel these pollutants to the outside in an optimal and mechanical manner.

The MyDATEC systems renew the indoor air more than conventional systems and control, thanks to sensors, the thresholds that should not be exceeded in the home. If the threshold is crossed, then the machine “over-ventilates”.


Every day, about 15,000 liters of air pass through our airways and lungs. Moreover, indoor air is up to 8 times more polluted than outdoor air! Hence the importance of having a good ventilation system to sanitize and renew the indoor air and thus avoid diseases, foul odors, headaches, etc.

The installation of a controlled mechanical ventilation is also recommended to alleviate the problems of humidity which generate discomfort and which can weaken the building at the structural level.


Just as the body inhales oxygen and exhales carbon dioxide, the house also needs to breathe. The
operating principle
of the CMV follows the same scheme by sucking in the fresh air and exhaling the stale air. Having a controlled mechanical ventilation is therefore the assurance of being able to continuously renew the indoor air. Especially since
the waterproofing of low-energy buildings
is more and more important and the thermal regulation of the building is very demanding. A Single-flow ventilation can have advantages but also a major drawback . Indeed, when the temperature drops outside, the cold air, unfiltered, arrives directly in the living rooms and generates discomfort but also the need to consume more heating. Contrary to the double flow ventilation which preserves the heat of the rooms when the air is renewed.

The thermodynamic double flow CMV goes even further, since it is able to produce hot and cold air to increase the comfort of the occupants in all seasons. Nevertheless, it is recommended to foresee a complementary heating system (pellet or log stoves, geothermal electric radiators, etc.) for the harshest winter months in order to keep the interior temperature above 19°C.


The installation of a thermodynamic double flow ventilation comes in accompaniment of the insulation and the sealing of your house.

Thermal regulations require more airtight and insulated buildings to reduce energy consumption and increase thermal comfort.

The thermodynamic double flow ventilation completes the insulation and the airtightness by cleaning the air and by producing heat and coolness inside the building.

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The MyDATEC dual flow ventilation system allows you to pool the heating, cooling and ventilation networks to maximize your indoor comfort!

Forming a harmonious and organized system, they form a powerful unit to properly ventilate, heat and cool your home. MyDATEC has designed a
range of thermodynamic double flow ventilation systems
with high performance in filtration, extraction, energy recovery, heating and cooling.

Discover MyDATEC’s dual-flow ventilation solutions designed for your home, your school and your professional spaces.

A look at the thermodynamic double flow vmc SMART V.

A glance at the SMART H thermodynamic double flow ventilation system.


Partner of your sanitary hygiene, MyDATEC’s double-flow ventilation solutions are known to filter the air efficiently.

With a high ventilation rate, from air inlet and outlet filters from G4 to F7, the MyDATEC ventilation network guarantees the complete extraction of CO2, VOCs, odor molecules and bacteria that pollute both private homes and professional spaces.

Thanks to a humidity and pollutant sensor, MyDATEC controls the humidity level and the quantity of volatile organic compounds (VOC) present in the ambient air in order to preserve the quality of the indoor air.

Tobacco smoke, certain coatings or decorative elements, do-it-yourself and cleaning products, petrochemical paints are responsible for the increase of VOCs in your home.


With a single-flow CMV system installed in a recent house, the thermal losses related to ventilation are about 50%.

Despite the fact that single-flow ventilation is still commonly used, it is high time to stop throwing our heating and cooling outside. There are many savings to be made.


MyDATEC allows you to completely renew the air in your building in just 2 hours. This is about 3 to 4 times more than a single flow Humidity Controlled CMV.

In addition to ensuring healthy air in the building, the production of hot and cold air is clever and very energy efficient.

By recovering the energy from the stale air just before it is exhausted from the home, our system is able to :

  • To increase the temperature of the new air flow entering the dwelling, approximately +27°C in heating mode (winter and mid-season).


If 0°C outside, at the start of the machine the supply air to the living rooms (living room, bedrooms) will be 27°C

If 10°C outside, the air blown in will be 37°C (excluding electrical resistances)

  • Lower the temperature of the fresh air flow entering the home, i.e. -17°C in cooling mode (summer).


If 37°C outside, the supply air will be about 20°C.

To ensure this energy production, the system consumes the equivalent of a domestic refrigerator + freezer (with a consumption between 500W and 800W) depending on the models of VMC and the sizes of the projects to be equipped).

For a COP coefficient equal to 4 with outdoor climatic conditions at -7°C, the double flow ventilation provides 4 to 5 times more energy than its own consumption. Ventilate, heat and cool your home efficiently with

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