With MyDATEC, benefit from a turnkey service including
personalized aeraulic study
the supply of the CMV kit and
help with commissioning
of the new installation. Discover in detail all the services included in our global offer.


MyDATEC is first and foremost a company specialized in the
manufacture of thermodynamic double flow ventilation solutions
for individuals and professionals.
It is primarily dedicated to the design and development of new double flow ventilation systems. It thus proposes systems which answer the technical, economic and practical expectations of the VMC as well for a
installation in individual houses
as well as in tertiary .
Its Smart V solutions and Smart H solutions have each been tailored to fit the constraints of each environment. Their compactness, their power, their modularity as well as their ability to restore energy make them efficient and profitable equipments.
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MyDATEC offers technical support to ensure the reliability of your VMC network. We are actively involved in the entire process of installing your HVAC system and putting it into operation. This last step is very important to ensure the proper functioning of the dual flow system. To do this, we accompany the installer on the phone or in person on the site to make the final adjustments according to the project.


The balancing of the ventilation system favors a better homogenization of the ventilation and the temperature within the rooms of a building.
Our technicians will assist you in adjusting the fans to provide optimal supply and exhaust flows. This balancing will allow the system to optimize its performance and efficiency in terms of heating and cooling.


The system must be leak-free. We assist you in the verification of theinsulation of the insufflation and extraction ducts. We also make sure that the sheaths are properly insulated to prevent water accumulation problems.


A test to verify the proper functioning of the double flow ventilation system is already done before its delivery to the construction site. We carry out a second examination at a distance to check its adaptation with the whole system.
air network and its electrical connections


During the commissioning, the installer or MyDATEC remote technician will also take the time to explain the operation of the touch screen and the various possible system settings.
You will be able to enter set points and parameterize data to regulate temperature, humidity and indoor pollutants


The CMV system can receive commands from you to maintain an optimal temperature or ventilation speed level. Your instructions can be transferred to the HVAC system through the thermal control.
This method consists of entering instructions and specifying the conditions under which they must be followed. In principle, they take into account:
● climatic variations outside and inside the building,
● the changing needs of the occupants during the day

For more convenience, you can order the MyConnect option from the MyDATEC sales department, which will allow you, via an application on your smartphone or tablet, to act on your settings remotely.

To control at any time and wherever you are your VMC:

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MyDATEC provides its loyal customers with a comprehensive after-sales service based on many aspects. We provide technical assistance, fault diagnosis and repair, as well as the supply and replacement of faulty equipment.
Technical assistance
MyDATEC is committed to your side and is always at your disposal whenever you need technical support. Our team of technicians will listen to you to solve technical problems and guide you in certain adjustments requiring complex settings of your device.
● Troubleshooting and repair
Regardless of the year you purchased your MyDATEC dual-flow ventilation system, we are committed to serving you when you need help with the maintenance and repair of its components. If, for example, one of the fans breaks down, we can provide quick troubleshooting.
Contact our technical hotline to take care of your request as soon as possible.
● Supply of a replacement part and replacement of the failed component.
Let us know when a component of your HVAC system stops working or fails. Torn ducts or clogged vents must be taken care of quickly enough to avoid impacting the system. This is to avoid polluting the indoor air or causing your fan to fail. We can provide you with the spare part to replace the failed part and also provide the technical verification of the system.
● Maintenance and filter changes
MyDATEC has a dedicated service for checking, maintaining and changing filters. Indeed, the filters ensure that the renewed air is free of pollution. To maintain its efficiency, the filter should be cleaned twice a year and replaced every year. For this purpose, we offer a range of filters of very good classification, known for their high efficiency.

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As soon as you plan to build or renovate your old building, take the opportunity to install your HVAC system. Thus, you will be able to
optimize your budget and minimize the cost of the installation
. Since each project is specific, we offer you a custom quote adapted to your needs and your budget.

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