The VMC duct

To structure and ensure the connections between its various components, a mechanical ventilation network needs ventilation ducts.

Indeed, a ventilation duct is a circulation duct allowing :

  • fresh air to be brought inside the house and into the living rooms
  • the evacuation of stale air from humid rooms to the outside of the building.

Constituting the arteries of the CMV network, the ducts start from the central CMV, pass through the distribution boxes, then go to the extraction and insufflation outlets. MyDATEC takes care of the selection and supply of your HVAC duct.

The 4 criteria for choosing a ventilation duct

In order to guarantee the quality of the VMC network, the ducting must essentially meet 4 objectives

  • To make the air transit and keep the totality of the air which is produced by the VMC towards the registers This is the bridge between the machine and the registers. The amount of air in the machine must be equal to the number of vents
  • Be perfectly insulated to conserve thermal energy.
  • Mitigate machine and airflow noise with good sound insulation.
  • Have an increased resistance of the metal spiral.

Composition of the VMC duct

Due to its composition, the VMC sheathing provides good thermal conductivity, reinforced acoustic insulation and good durability. It is composed of:

  • an external aluminum layer for maximum protection of its internal part.
  • 25mm or 50mm thick insulation, as the case may be, to better conserve the energy of the air flow.
  • a waterproofing membrane.
  • a layer of perforated aluminum to increase acoustic capabilities
  • a metal spiral ensuring rigidity and durability.

A premium quality aluphonic sheath

For the installation of a VMC network, there are different choices of ducts, going from the rigid vmc duct to the semi-rigid vmc duct. MyDATEC opts for an aluphonic duct which, in addition to being flexible and resistant, admits a good quality of insulation. It is equipped with a 25 mm thick glass wool protection, with a thermal resistance of 0.641 m2.k/w.

  • Resistance to peak temperatures

Thanks to its design, MyDATEC’s flexible sheath can withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -30°C to +250°C. In addition, we choose to install double thickness ducts for unheated rooms in order to conserve the thermal energy of the air flow.

  • The smophonic aluminum sheath for heated volumes

MyDATEC offers a 25 mm thick aluminium smophonel sheath for heated volumes.

MyDATEC offers four models of ducts depending on the internal and external diameter required, including the D100, D125, D160 and D200 smophonic ducts.

  • The smophonic aluminum sheath for unheated spaces

By going from 25 mm thick insulation to 50 mm thick insulation, the VMC duct contributes to the preservation of ambient heat, which minimizes heating needs in unheated spaces.

Depending on the required inner and outer diameters, MyDATEC offers four models of ducts including the D100, D125, D160 and D200 smophonic ducts.

Uses and advantages of the MyDATEC® HVAC ductwork

MyDATEC’s aluphonic ducts meet the thermal and phonic comfort requirements for the installation of a VMC in residential and commercial buildings. This environmentally friendly product with good acoustic performance is especially recommended for installations in healthcare facilities and hospitals. The MyDATEC HVAC ducting is distinguished by :

  • its anti-defibration character: this type of sheath is treated against the development of micro-organisms.
  • its acoustic insulation, which allows you to enjoy silent ventilation and preserve the well-being of the occupants.
  • the absence of toxic components: entirely ecological, the use of this sheath allows to preserve the environment and your health.
  • the absence of condensation: this sheath is treated against any formation of humidity.
  • its flexibility and watertightness: this sheath, both flexible and watertight, guarantees easy installation and maintenance. Moreover, it does not suffer from the phenomenon of resonance, unlike semi-rigid sheaths which generate unwanted noise.

The MyDATEC ductwork is easy to maintain with a soft bristle. Cleaning is not necessary when the filters are
filters are well maintained and changed
at least once a year. Once this period has elapsed, it is important to replace the filter so that the air ducts are not quickly damaged.

The characteristics of the VMC duct

The MyDATEC ductwork has the following specific characteristics:

  • Fire classification: MO/M1
  • Inner duct: ALU R MO perforated
  • Protective film
  • 25 mm thick glass wool protection
  • M1 polyester aluminum complex vapour barrier
  • Temperature resistance (peak) : – 30°C to +250°C
  • Minimum bending radius R=0,7 D
  • Maximum pressure : 2000 Pa
  • Thermal conductivity : 0.039 (W/m3.K)
  • Thermal resistance : 0.641(m2.K/W)

Implementation of the installation

MyDATEC provides you with an assembly plan for the installation of your HVAC ducts. You must follow this plan to deploy the ducts.

  • As a precaution, we deliver the ducts in cardboard of 10m compressed length. You can then deploy them according to the assembly plan. A sharp blade should be used to cut the sheaths.
  • It is very important not to crush the duct and to pay attention to the elbows in order to avoid pressure losses and acoustic nuisances.
  • Check the watertightness of the fixings and the thermal insulation of the whole network (casing ducts, slanting tees, Y…) Use adhesive tape, mastic, clamps and self-drilling screws to consolidate the fixings.

Connection principle

In order to guarantee a good interlocking of the elements, it is necessary to check that the diameter of the aluphonic sheath corresponds to the diameter of the accessory’s connection. The connection of the ducts is done as follows:

  • position the sleeve facing the end cap and fit the inner part of the sleeve to the accessory fitting. To further facilitate the joining, smooth the inner part by hand before fitting them together.
  • pull the top plastic film and tighten the inner part of the sheath with a clamp.
  • bring the outer part of the sheath back to the level of the fixing collar and consolidate the whole with adhesive tape for a maximum of watertightness.

A duct adapted to your VMC equipment!

Your HVAC system is perfectly sealed and well insulated to provide efficiency, performance and comfort. All this thanks to the aluphonic sheath provided by MyDATEC. This VMC duct is easily integrated with all the elements of your VMC equipment.

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