Is thermodynamic CMV suitable for individual homes?

You have a partial or global renovation project for your individual residence? Are you considering replacing your Mechanical Ventilation System (VMC)? MyDATEC’s residential CMV systems are committed to
improve your air quality
and comfort in your home.

Whether you live in a new house or an apartment, benefit from the know-how and expertise of MyDATEC professionals. We intervene near you and help you to find the best solution of Thermodynamic CMV according to your needs.

The VMC system, the keystone of individual energy regulations

The thermodynamic CMV, to gain in performance and make energy savings

If individual residences are increasingly insulated and airtight, ensuring a regular renewal of indoor air in sufficient quantity has become an imperative necessity.

As demonstrated by the
thermal regulations
that have appeared in recent years, ventilation remains one of the key elements in our homes, whether for :

  • Fight against the housing considered as“energy passoires”;
  • Ensure performance in all housing, both new and old.

Specialist in thermodynamic ventilation
for more than forty years, MyDATEC offers many solutions to improve your living comfort and allow you to make significant savings.

What are the standards and regulations in force for new constructions?

Did you know that all new construction must meet certain standards and regulations?

  • The BBC label (“low consumption building”)

It has become mandatory since 2013, when the RT 2012 standard on thermal consumption of new buildings came into force. Its objective is to:

It now applies to all new construction since the end of 2020. It completes this framework in terms of limiting energy consumption.

It is mandatory for all transactions. It provides information on the energy consumption of the dwelling and the greenhouse gases it emits.

All the systems offered by MyDATEC are perfectly adapted to the new BBC, RE 2020 and passive or positive energy houses (BEPOS) insulation standards.

You have a new house or a global renovation project?

Thermodynamic CMV, an ideal solution for new buildings and renovations

Whether you live in a
new house
or are planning to initiate some renovation work to improve the energy performance of your home, thinking about your ventilation and thermal insulation system is a must.

In the current housing stock to be renovated, 72% of energy expenses are related to heating, according to a study published by the CSTB.

In the same way for applications in new houses, the MyDATEC thermodynamic CMV allows you to optimize the performance of your home.

Because good indoor air quality is the guarantee of a healthy and comfortable home, it is important to carefully choose the ventilation system that will clean your living space and ensure the renewal of your air.

Whether you opt for a single-flow, high-efficiency or thermodynamic
Double flow CMV
Whether you opt for a single flow, high efficiency or thermodynamic CMV, with MyDATEC solutions, not only do you improve the energy label of your property, but you also increase its value and its potential for sale or rent.

The MyDATEC replacement kit, for a quick and turnkey renovation

Changing your ventilation system, a precious ally in your renovation strategy

Controlled Mechanical Ventilation (CMV) single flow, self-regulating or humidity sensitive, high efficiency double flow CMV, thermodynamic CMV… In new construction, as in
the framework of a renovation
In new construction, as in renovation, there are several options for ventilation.

MyDATEC offers
a wide range of efficient and innovative products and solutions
in ventilation, heating and air cooling.

When renovating, MyDATEC experts recommend that you make your home both :

  • Tighter;
  • Better insulated.

This includes the choice of an efficient thermodynamic ventilation system. The latter will make it possible to delay the start-up of any other more energy-consuming heating system (oil-fired boiler, electric gas, etc.).

It will be enough to maintain the temperature level of your house in mid-season.

To give you an idea, compared to a 100% electric heating system, the VMC system allows you to consume five times less electric power thanks to the heat recovery on the extracted air.

How do you replace your old HVAC system?

You want to go towards a
simple and quick replacement of your old systems, often obsolete – Controlled Mechanical Ventilation (CMV)
Do you want to go to a heat pump (PAC) or other systems (such as Dietrich, Aeroplast, Comela, Jacray’s, Nather, RTR 3000 DATEC, etc.)?

Choosing MyDATEC means choosing the leader in thermodynamic ventilation and a pioneer in technology. It is also the possibility to benefit from a follow-up and a quality of service unequalled on the market, starting with the supply of a
ready-to-install” replacement kit
. Trust the MyDATEC professionals who know all the specifics and features of these older models inside and out. They will be able to advise you and offer you a complete solution that meets the constraints of your current installation.

Do you want to verify that your original ductwork can be maintained or determine which model would be most suitable for your individual home? Do you need solid expertise, personalized support and continuous innovation? Because each project and each use is unique, contact our experts and receive a custom quote.

If the thermodynamic CMV is adapted to all individual residential projects, new or renovation, MyDATEC also equips many professional establishments, in the framework of
tertiary applications