Since the end of 2011, the monitoring of indoor air quality has become a legal obligation in all buildings open to the public (ERP) and therefore schools. Before January 2015, the establishments receiving children under six years (nursery schools, crèches) should have carried out two measurement campaigns, with and without heating of the premises. Elected officials, decision-makers of communities, actors of public life, architects and project owners must therefore take into account this obligation and provide an effective and relevant response.

MyDATEC school Indoor air quality

Indoor air quality at school!

Find the article published this month in the magazine “J3e, Pour la gestion active du bâtiment tertiaire, industriel et collectif”, dealing with indoor air quality in schools, and in which the MyDATEC thermodynamic CMV is highlighted.

SEE FULL ARTICLE: Indoor air quality in schools: progress imminent 

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MyDATEC already equips schools, offices, hairdressing salons, general medical and dental clinics, etc., and many other buildings for a wide range of tertiary applications.

Indoor air quality, a MyDATEC priority

The MyDATEC concept is based on two major principles :

  • Controlled air flows   and permanently adjustable, essential in confined spaces for a good indoor air quality
  • Heat and cooling energy transfer from internal heat sources (e.g. students in a classroom)

Thus, the greater the ventilation requirements, the greater the benefit of the performance of the extract air heat pump. This is why our products are very suitable for confined spaces with high human activity, such as school classrooms, offices, conference rooms, waiting rooms … where ventilation needs are very important.

Choosing MyDATEC in tertiary applications such as offices, schools, medical practices, small commercial premises is to benefit :

  • The best exhaust air recovery rate on the market
  • An efficient and decentralized ventilation system (1 independent network per room, no air networks crossing)
  • A very reactive auxiliary system thanks to the regulation of the heating and cooling power delivered to the fresh air from the extracted air

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