The MyDATEC system is mainly used in new BBC and passive houses, which have little heating needs, and for which the thermodynamic CMV and a small additional heating system are sufficient in most cases to heat the whole house.

However, Marie and Serges give us a good example of a renovationapplication, where we cannot always count on an envelope as efficient as what is possible in new construction, but for which the MyDATEC thermodynamic ventilation system can still be a wise choice.

Based in Champagne au Mont d’Or, near Lyon, Marie and Serge bought their house in 2003.
Built in 1947, this apartment, well located in a quiet and residential area, was however suffering from a certain obsolescence. Moreover, its living space did not exceed 65 m2.
Too small and poorly insulated, was the dream of a small green “home” going to turn into a nightmare? This was without counting on the persistence of the new owners who have put in place a clear and effective strategy:

1 – Make the best use of the “secondary” parts by creating for example rooms in the attic

2 – Insulate the house efficiently by replacing all the windows and insulating the roof

3 – Optimize the heating system by replacing an old oil boiler with a gas boiler / thermodynamic double flow ventilation system MyDATEC

This 3-step strategy was the right one, as the house now has 110 m2 of living space (Carrez law) and a really appreciable thermal comfort.

Between city and countrycountryside

The family does not regret their investment and enjoys a comfortable home every day. With a small garden, the place is welcoming and green while being in an urban area. Marie and Serge welcome us to share their experience in the context of a renovation with the installation of a MyDATEC thermodynamic double flow ventilation system.

Thermal comfort-heating
In the off-season, the heating is provided 100% by the MyDATEC thermodynamic CMV, with the gas boiler providing support only during the cold season. The distribution of the living areas also allowed us to optimize the flow of temperature by putting the bedrooms on the first floor to take advantage of the rising heat.

Thermal comfortcooling

In summer, the air cooling produced by the MyDATEC thermodynamic double flow ventilation system is dedicated exclusively to the rooms in the insulated attic, thus maintaining a pleasant temperature day and night.

Air quality
Good quality window insulationlimits air infiltration into the house. The MyDATEC system, as a ventilation system, provides the necessary air renewal.
It is purified: only healthy and dehumidified air is introduced into the house.

Serges’ testimony: “Renovation is a permanent coin toss”.

Did your “renovation strategystrategy” include the installation of a MyDATEC thermodynamic ventilation system?

o Serge – You know, I was busy enough with my boiler change. The choice to install MyDatec, in addition to our gas boiler, was made by seeing it working at a friend’s house.


What convinced you?
o Serge – I insulated my house completely, I didn’t like the idea of creating ventilation slots on my new windows, to let my house breathe. What’s the point of choosing hyper-insulating products if you have to let the air through! So the idea of a double flow ventilation system came to me. The MyDATEC system seemed to me to be a good solution on the one hand via its primary action of CMV, and on the other hand thanks to its thermodynamic double-flux recovery system. If I’m going to install pipes, I might as well bother with something efficient.

Because the installation was difficult?
o Serge- Everything went perfectly well, for 2 essential reasons: first, the replacement of my Fuel boiler by a gas boiler with a ventouse, freed me from the flues of evacuation. I found the perfect way to climb from the garage to the attic with a stop on the second floor. In addition, the MyDATEC system is very compact. Then, we installed some ducts in the false ceilings, so the installation is almost invisible, except for the creation of a 40 cm cornice in the bathroom.

Did the work cause any nuisance?
o Marie – I think that as in any renovation project, the most important thing is the organization. The installation of the thermodynamic ventilation system was clearly planned, so that disturbances could be anticipated. I have fond memories of this installation, even though I’m a specialist in dusting!

You don’t regret anything?
o Serge – You know, renovation is a permanent toss-up. Did we make the right choice concerning the craftsmen, the materials, the heating system, … I can tell you that for the thermodynamic CMV, I am always so satisfied. The quality of output and the discretion of the machine are great assets for this economic energy source. I only have to go and watch my children sleep one summer evening in the attic to realize how effective this machine is.