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3 functions in symbiosis for maximum energy savings

MyDATEC and ventilation

  • More efficient than any single or double flow ventilation system, MyDATEC continuously extracts air from technical rooms (kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, WC) for a healthier house than ever
  • MyDATEC filters fresh air to ensure optimal indoor air quality
  • The thermodynamic double flow CMV dehumidifies the air in the house and thus avoids condensation

MyDATEC and heating

MyDATEC and cooling

  • MyDATEC provides gentle, even cooling throughout the house in summer (up to 2 kW of cooling power supplied by the extract air heat pump)
  • Unlike an air conditioner, the system is very quiet
  • MyDATEC also provides natural, environmentally friendly free cooling

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*heating: MyDATEC is a ventilation syst