For a better understanding, here is a small technical lexicon:

A self-adjusting box allows to obtain a constant fixed ventilation rate even when there is nobody in the house. On the other hand, a humidity sensitive unit allows the adaptation of the airflow according to the humidity level present in your interior.

But what is the best solution?

In the early 70’s, the humidity sensitive solution was an answer to the demand for energy saving. Indeed, being able to adapt the flow of its ventilation according to the human presence seemed to be a good alternative. Today, this is no longer the case! Indeed, houses are increasingly airtight, indoor pollutants (such as those present on furniture) stronger. Installing a humidity sensitive double flow ventilation system has its limits: this system ventilates little because it often works with a minimum flow rate and the indoor air quality is then impoverished! The MyDATEC solution allows you tosave money, to ventilate and to have an optimal indoor air quality!

Indeed, our machines are regulated primarily according to the interior temperature with the possibility of defining a threshold of humidity and pollutants not to be exceeded. In case of overflow, the machine will over ventilate to evacuate them.

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