Replacement of a heat pump in a 1978 house. All the rooms are heated and ventilated: 10 supply air vents and 8 exhaust air vents. The installation is easy to connect: “4 ducts on the heat pump and T placed at the outlet of the extract air recovery unit. We added a summer air intake on the roof and replaced the thermostat wires with the modbus cable provided. Then the contactors were connected to the radiator controls.”

The machine is suspended from the frame over an insulated slab and the ventilation is silent. Thetouch screen, very readable, gives all the information on the operation of the My Datec and allows all the adjustments for a good operation of air renewal. The result is a very comfortable home.

The My Datec is well designed, it suits me perfectly. I received all the advice and information I needed for the installation from an efficient and courteous team.

House of 250 m2 – Department 57 – Smart H

Thank you to Mr. Gremillet for his testimony and his confidence!