Member of the Cluster since 2011, Mydatec the thermodynamic CMV, recently answered an interview for the newsletter of the eco-energy cluster:


Mydatec member of the cluster

Mydatec member of the cluster

MyDatec has three shareholders, Yann Fouquet (pictured), François Lavogiez and Adèle de Vomécourt. The latter presents the company.


– How was MYDATEC created ?


Born from the takeover  in 2010 of the company GAC which had specialized for twenty years in renewable energies, MyDatec manufactures and markets a very specific product : the thermodynamic VMC.
At that time, Alain Berthier and Xavier Faurite had developed the DATEC (Dardilly Technologie) thermodynamic CMV. The technology now marketed under the brand name Mydatec, has greatly evolved  to adapt to the market of the RT2012 house.

Mydatec has made a bold choice by focusing 100% of its activity on the thermodynamic ventilation segment. A gamble that has paid off, as the company can now claim recognized expertise in the mastery of this technology.

Convinced that the thermodynamic CMV is THE solution of the future for heating, ventilation and cooling of low-energy and passive houses, we took over the company GAC in 2010, from three shareholders : Yann Fouquet, manager, Francois Lavogiez, R&D engineer, and myself, who is also an engineer. We followed Yann Fouquet and myself  the HEC-entrepreneurs specialized Master.

Yann Fouquet , who benefits from a solid industrial experience, also manages the company Métal Déployé Resistor, specialized in high power resistors, located in Montbard in Côte d’Or.
These French-made systems are among the most efficient on the market. Holder of numerous patents in the field of the new generation double flow ventilation, MyDatec has an R&D unit directed by Francois Lavogiez, whose close collaboration with several laboratories ensures that it is always at the forefront of the latest technological advances in climate engineering and renewable energy.

– What does  this product  consist of?

Suitable for residential and small commercial spaces up to 300m2, the compact double flow ventilation system  MyDatec combines ventilation, heating and active cooling of the home.
The double flow system is coupled with a thermodynamic recuperator or ”  heat pump on extracted air”. When a classic double flow system tries to keep the interior heat in a passive way, the MyDATEC thermodynamic CMV provides heat energy from the active recycling of the energy contained in the extracted air, and actively regulates the temperature of the dwelling, with a coefficient of performance of up to 5 at -7°C outside (COP PAC = 5 at -7°C).
For houses with low thermal losses, the thermodynamic CMV ensures adequate thermal comfort all year round by consuming 5 times more energy than electric heating.

The thermodynamic CMV also makes it possible to choose indoor air quality, without giving up energy savings. Indeed, thanks to the heat recovery on the extracted air, we are no longer afraid to ventilate ! Among the 4,000 houses already equipped with Mydatec in France, users tell us they are extremely satisfied with the comfort of living in a particularly healthy house.

– What is the particularity of the efficiency of the MyDATEC thermodynamic ventilation system ?

The colder it is, the higher its COP ! The principle of recovery on the extracted air is particularly efficient because the temperature inside the building is itself quite stable. This stabilized operation allows the MyDATEC system to be optimized for the nominal operating point  (other heat pump systems work with outside air and must operate with large temperature differentials). This is why, unlike other heat pumps on the market,  the MyDATEC system sees its COP or Coefficient of Performance increase as the outside temperature drops.

Our system is validated by tests carried out at CETIAT. These tests allow us to obtain for this equipment a ” Title 5 “,  an approval that allows manufacturers to perform RT 2012 calculations for our equipment.

– What are the applications of the Mydatec Thermodynamic Double Flow Ventilators ?

Our thermodynamic CMVs are suitable for premises with a surface area of approximately 80 to 250 square meters. The applications are mainly individual housing, but also small tertiary surfaces. For example, our equipment is very often prescribed by engineering offices  Fluids,  who use it to treat classrooms in a decentralized way. Indeed, not only does it allow them to simplify the aeraulic network which must respect the firewall standards, but above all, it is a reactive supplement very appreciated in the areas with strong human activities where the needs of ventilation are important and thus the thermodynamic recovery on extracted air particularly interesting.

What makes Mydatec special is that each project is the subject of a dedicated technical study by our technicians. Our  turnover  is at 80% from the marketing of MyDATEC thermodynamic CMV in kit ” ready to install “, composed of the central unit set up and the aeraulic network, insulated and manufactured to measure for each building site in our workshops. ”

– Who are your partners ?

Mydatec’s strength lies in its ability to continuously build a national network of specialized installers trained by us.
Our partners are more and more numerous. For example, companies such as LA POSTE rely on our products for the renovation of their premises.
Among the prescribers, we find architects, project managers, design offices, and we are continuously looking for interlocutors to help us to make known the concept of thermodynamic CMV as an alternative solution to the other types of  CMV.

To contact them :

42 chemin de Moulin Carron
69570 Dardilly
Tel:    04 78 66 07 07
Fax :    04 78 66 43 77