Testimonials CMV

Mr and Mrs Lambert, owners of a villa built in 2009 in Haute Savoie, France, decided, during the design phase of their house, to combine MyDATEC thermodynamic CMV with an underground heat exchanger.

They were motivated by two goals in making this decision: energy savings and ensuring an optimal heat comfort with good levels of air renewal inside their home.

Three years on and they have no regrets: MyDATEC dual flow thermodynamic CMV combined with an underground heat exchanger releases on average 4 times more energy than it uses, and the underground heat exchanger draws in fresh air in a discreet and efficient manner.

The concept behind an underground heat exchanger is to warm new air in winter and to cool it in summer by passing it through customized piping buried underground on an approximately 10 to 20 meter length.

An underground heat exchanger is the perfect supplement to a dual flow thermodynamic CMV, especially in areas with large temperature variations (cold, sub-zero mountainous areas, or hot, arid areas). The underground heat exchanger can “smooth” temperature peaks depending on the season.  The underground heat exchanger stabilizes the temperature of the incoming air, allowing the MyDATEC thermodynamic CMV to perform at an optimal level.

Mr and Mrs Lambert : « If we could go back in time, we would do it again without any hesitation.

Why did you choose a thermodynamic solution?

« In our previous home, we had an efficient heat pump system and it was clear that for our new home we would require a similar concept using today’s improved technologies to gain even better performance. Having experienced the MyDATEC system at some friends’ house, its efficiency could clearly be felt.

How was MyDATEC linked with the underground heat exchanger?

« Underground heat exchanger systems require a property large enough to dig a trench about 10 meters long. It is easier to carry out this work during the construction phase. Living in Haute Savoie, it became essential to take advantage of the free underground heat. This is why as early as the design phase, we decided to combine both concepts and we do not regret it.”

In physical terms, how would you describe the comfort experienced when combining a dual flow CMV and an underground heat exchanger?

A pleasant temperature all year round with the benefits of air renewal. The temperature of the incoming fresh air, travelling through the underground heat exchanger, is practically always above zero, as the blown air by MyDATEC RT300V thermodynamic CMV increases around 30°C. By combining an underground heat exchanger with MyDATEC*, we are 100% guaranteed of achieving a temperature which suits us.”

What, would you say, are the benefits of the system?

« First of all, the energy savings gained thanks to this system are important to us. Also, the feeling of comfort experienced within the home with continuous fresh, dehumidified air, at the right temperature. Another important factor is that it benefits the environment. Greenhouse gas emissions are a concern and this system is pollutant free and the electric energy required for the system to work is proportionately far less in comparison with its returns. Lastly, we were proud to use a 100% French manufacturer.

* In our example, Mr and Mrs Lambert’s house is a passive house with very low heating requirements.

*The names of the people mentioned were intentionally modified