Sergy (01630)

Type of project : Renovation


In my efforts to reduce my ecological footprint, I had already installed a passive double-flow ventilation system in the past, but MyDATEC’s thermodynamic ventilation system is more effective in reducing supplementary heating.

Indeed, in winter and mid-season, when the temperature outside is relatively low, this Thermodynamic CMV RT200H works almost permanently consuming only about 12 kWh per day, but providing about 55 kWh of thermal energy per day. Every day, in the cold season, this system allows me to save about 43 kWh per day, which energy would otherwise have to be supplied by convectors.

Once the project was well defined thanks to the specifications available on the website and a few phone calls, the project took shape. Then, through contacts with MyDATEC, I was convinced of the quality of their product and the care provided by the MyDATEC staff. For example, they easily customized the unit, while reducing its price, to my specific needs since I don’t need air conditioning in my home.

So I placed my order. Then the delivery was well done in time according to our agreement. The pallet with all the required materials was obviously well packed with care including all the materials I needed to complete this project. The Thermodynamic CMV itself is visibly of high quality manufacture and is well finished.

The installation, the following weekend, was quite easy: I only needed a helping hand from a friend, to lift the device close to its final position, in order to be able to hang it from the frame.

Since then, the device has been started up and provides us with heated fresh air. The first week after start-up, I had temporarily connected the condensate drain hose to a bucket, which had to be emptied twice a day. What an efficiency! Then the following weekend, I installed a final drain so I could start enjoying the facility.


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