The website “pages-énergie” has interview one of our customers to highlight an example of realization in a tertiary application.

The company Pro’fil, which was equipped last year with our equipment for the management of a relaxation corner – kitchen, an open-space, and a meeting room, was willing to answer their questions.

Realization made for a small 
tertiary building
 with a surface area of 200 m2 including a kitchen area, an open space, and a meeting room
Pro'Fil office

  • What led you to this approach? 
    “Following the expansion of our offices, we recovered a 200 m² space that needed to be ventilated. The space is divided into three parts. A refectory area where employees can eat.
    An open space for the design office where 8 technicians work as well as a meeting room for 25 people. It was therefore necessary to efficiently extract the stale air from the refectory so as not to cause discomfort.
    Have a constant temperature in the open space to provide a comfortable working environment for employees and renewing the air of the meeting room to avoid overheating during long meetings was the most important point expected.
    That’s why we chose the MyDATEC thermodynamic double flow ventilation system, which offered all the points we wanted to treat in our 200 m² space”, says the manager of this SME.
  • How did the installation go? 
    “The installation was very easy.
    We received a complete package with instructions, color markings and plans. All we had to do was follow the instructions and connect the various devices together.”
  • The results in heating? 
    “The performance of the machine is pretty amazing. During the work, we had connected the existing network of air-to-air heat pumps to the extension in order to provide for all possible scenarios; however, the MyDATEC proved to be more than sufficient, we never turned on the heat pump in order to provide additional heating, the ventilation system allows us to to heat the 200m² of the new offices without any problems (thanks to the optional heaters in case of extreme cold).”
  • The results in comfort, air quality ? 
    “After adjusting the MyDATEC dual-flow ventilation system and installing all of the vents, the air quality in the meeting room was healthy and very comfortable. When there are about ten of us in a meeting for a few hours, we do not feel any discomfort linked to the CO² nor to the rise in temperature.
    The air renewal is and the solution ensures a constant temperature.
  • The results in refreshment? 
    “We may not have gone as far as we would have liked on this function.
    Indeed, we expected to refresh the meeting room in particular. I think that if we had chosen to concentrate all the available cold power (2.5KW) via unzoningon the meeting room only, we would have had better results.
    But our meeting room overheats easily, and the 2.5KW is not enough in our case for the kitchen area, the open space, and the meeting room when it’s full and hot outside!”

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