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“MyDATEC is a company of the climatic engineering ultra specialized in the development, the manufacture and the distribution of the thermodynamic VMC. Ventilation system whose benefits are already known, such as the purification of indoor air by increasing ventilation rates, energy savings due to the heating of new air thanks to the heat of the stale air or the effective fight against overheating in summer.

This year, MyDATEC launches its new thermodynamic VMC, currently unique on the market, offering another alternative to heating efficient houses: heating with a wood stove on a surface of up to 200m². Note that this solution is intended for homes that meet the new standards of efficient construction, such as RT2012, which allow a minimum of heat loss.

Generally the problem that arises when we decide to heat with a wood stove, apart from its friendly, ecological and inexpensive sides, is that located in the living room it does not allow to properly heat the other rooms of the house. The solution proposed by MyDATEC allows the coupling of a wood stove and a thermodynamic VMC: a special suction mouth, positioned near the stove, captures part of the heat emitted and redistributes it to the rest of the house (according to the set point of the thermostat(s)) through the VMC air blowing network, thus ensuring a better distribution of heat in the house. The advantage of this solution, in addition to being silent, lies in the use of the existing network of the thermodynamic double flow ventilation system, contrary to the warm air distributors found in the market which require an additional installation.

In addition, the MyDATEC thermodynamic double flow ventilation system has an integrated heat pump which, in most cases, with its 2 to 3 kW, is capable of providing all the heating during the mid-season. The “Chaud+” option of the VMC allows to associate up to 3 kW of electric heating directly at the level of the air blowing circuit, giving the possibility to heat the house during most of the winter. The wood stove then functions as a user-friendly heating reserve, to be turned on during the coldest days. This makes MyDATEC an ideal complementary solution for all households that want to heat with a wood-burning stove, while focusing on comfort and energy savings.

MyDATEC still has a great future in its field thanks to its willingness and ability to innovate and evolve its products by meeting the expectations of customers: “The coupling on ” This is a good example of the product developments chosen by MyDATEC to ensure its growth. Our will today is to innovate for more comfort, simplicity, energy savings, to deliver a quality product with a very successful service (all our power plants are delivered in kit plug & play ready to install) worthy of a French industrial manufacture. We invest to manufacture unique solutions on the market that meet specific needs, especially in the wood, BBC and passive house types. MyDATEC is also very interested in indoor air quality, an area that is very much part of our team’s culture. “Yann Fouquet, CEO of MyDATEC and head of the Burgundian industrial group Métal Déployé Resistor.”

In 2020, the thermal regulation evolves,the “RT2020” will soon take over the “RT2012“.