RC Froid : installer MyDATEC Switzerland

MyDATEC, which is growing more and more, wishes to establish itself in a sustainable way abroad, and more particularly in Switzerland. Indeed, as the demand for replacement of old Thermodynamic Ventilation Units, among others RAE De Dietrich, was growing, it became necessary to have a MyDATEC representative on site, able to install the equipment.

To do this, MyDATEC has given its confidence to RC Froid, a family business created in May 2000. Active mainly in the Canton of Vaud and Valais, RC Froid is specialized in refrigeration type installations, especially heat pumps, air conditioning and also solar energy. The company also offers after-sales service as well as machine maintenance.

MyDATEC considers RC Froid as one of its historical customers, and for this reason it entrusts it with the total exclusivity of the distribution of its products in the area it covers.

Because of his experience with MyDATEC, Mr. CRAPETTO, manager of RC Froid, has a great mastery of our product: The MyDATEC Thermodynamic CMV. He will be able to advise you and provide you with the necessary information whatever your project: new construction, renovation, or (especially) replacement.

For all requests in the Cantons of Vaud and Valais, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. CRAPETTO(http://www.rcfroid.ch/); and of course, the MyDATEC consultants remain available for any other request.

In any case, a business that is well on its way!