Mydatec and the wood stove: a complete heating solution for BBC and passive houses. The new requirements of the RT2012 impose more precautions on the choice of heating and air conditioning equipment.

The wood stove brings basic warmth to the house and allows it to be brought up to temperature on the coldest days of the year. Then the MyDATEC thermodynamic CMV system takes over by ensuring a minimum ventilation, respecting the regulatory flows of the decree of March 1982, by appropriate flows, essential to a good quality of air in housing.

While ventilating, as soon as the MyDATEC thermostat detects a need for heating, the heat pump on the extracted air starts up to recycle the calories of the extracted air before transferring them to the fresh, healthy air blown into the whole house. The system thus brings in addition a power of 2 to 3KW to maintain the house at temperature.

MyDATEC can also be coupled to the wood stove by a system of air intake nearby, allowing a mixing of the calories of the wood stove diffused in the rest of the house under thermostat set point.

This coupling, ideally allows in the BBC, passive houses, and the houses RT2012, to take advantage of the heat of the wood stove in all the house, while regulating the basic temperature by the thermodynamic VMC MyDATEC. In the summer, the cooling provided by the over-ventilation and the activation of the MyDATEC heat pump in cooling mode will also be appreciated.