“The constructive stages of our timber frame house” … The story by Sandrine & Sébastien !

Sandrine and Sébastien started building their wood frame house at the end of 2013. As their adventure progressed, they shared through a very complete and detailed blog, the constructive stages of their wood frame house with the good and bad surprises.
The construction is located in Auvergne at the doors of Livradois-Forez.

Wooden frame house

Wooden frame house

From start to finish, all the steps of the installation of the thermodynamic CMV are detailed with great care! A valuable story for this well done, quality thermodynamic HVAC installation.

For those who are looking for a testimonial of a thermodynamic CMVinstallation, you will find everything here:

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Sandrine and Sébastien detail the delivery of their equipment, the installation of the ducts, the characteristics of their installation, the electrical connection, the installation of the terminals etc… Moreover, a testimony on the first months of use closes this very complete description.

Congratulations to Sandrine and Sébastien for this very high quality work.

Excerpt from their testimonial after a few months of use of the MyDATEC thermodynamic ventilation system:

“February 2015 – We have just moved into our 144 sqm single storey building with a MyDatec RT200V.
We are completely satisfied with this system combining ventilation and heating. The kit as well as the installation and use documentation are complete. Technical services are available and easily reachable by phone for installation assistance: quick and pleasant phone contact.
For now, the MyDatec is our main heating system. We only have a towel dryer in the powder room which is essential for the initial heating of the house.
Later, we plan to equip the house with a pellet stove (for the pleasure of the flame) although it is not necessary because the MyDatec ensures a well diffused and constant heat in the whole house: have continuously 21 °. For this reason, our installation is equipped with an extraction vent to recycle the heat that will be released by the future stove and thus redistribute it to the other rooms.
The registers are very quiet: We have an insufflation register in our room and an extraction register in the adjoining dressing room and at night, we hear neither one nor the other.
Haven’t tested the cooling yet ;)
On the energy side, when the heat pump is in operation (without the heaters) the system consumes very little: In instantaneous 500 W is much less than a good old radiator commonly called “toaster”!
In conclusion, we are completely satisfied with our choice and recommend this heating system to others.
Sandrine & Sébastien”.