MyDATEC opened its doors to the Castors auto-builders for a presentation of its products, including the new offer of thermodynamic double flow ventilation coupled with a pellet stove. Our partner


accompanies us with an extensive range of pellet stoves.

The Beavers association aims to support self-builders and self-renovators in their projects. self-builders beavers rhone alpes

The Beavers auto-builders association

It promotes good construction techniques, if possible ecological, and low energy consumption. With more than 600 members, the Beavers association has been in existence for about 50 years. To date, several thousand homes have been built or renovated by Beavers self-builders!

A quality know-how

Thanks to the density of the associative network and its dynamic forum, the Beavers are a place for the exchange of knowledge and experience. The Beavers self-builders’ association organizes visits to building sites and sets up participative building sites. Becoming a Beavers self-builder means saving on labor costs: by getting personally involved in your project, you will inevitably reduce the cost. The association exists to ensure that Beaver car manufacturers always make the right choices.

Contact them!

Association Castors Rhône-Alpes
427 Cours Émile Zola
04 72 37 13 19

Find the Castors car manufacturers via their website