Saint Agrève (07320)

Type of project : Renovation


Looking for a simple and reliable economic heat recovery system with a heat pump system that I could install myself. Convinced that my current single flow ventilation system was in fact more of a heat extractor in winter than an efficient ventilation system, I found your thermodynamic double flow ventilation system on the internet and asked for the documentation.

Finally, an energy production equipment that extracts stale air from our interiors and does not expel heat from our homes. Equipped with a heat pump system (PAC) air/air type ductable, providing heating with a coefficient of efficiency (COP) of 3.6 for 7 ° of outdoor temperature.

Seduced by this system which is reversible in soft climate for the summer, and moreover with dimensions which allow to pass it by the trap door of access to the lost attic.

I then asked the GAC MyDATEC sales representative for advice on various questions. And in particular the fact that I also wanted to recover heat in my veranda on sunny winter days, and if it was possible to ventilate and heat a bathroom and a bedroom which was on the ground floor by bringing down the ducts through the inside of a cupboard.

I asked then by joining the plans of the house to make me a study, estimate, and plan of realization.

I quickly received these documents which were in fact very detailed. With quantitative descriptive offer; plans of realizations; electrical connection diagram; detailed technical-commercial documentations with various documents, photos of the components of the kit, and of realizations at other customers.

I placed an order and three weeks later I received all the material perfectly palletized.

I then completed the installation at my own pace in five days. It is true that with the well-detailed documentation it can be done by a good handyman.

I have to say that my attic space has finally found a use with the ducts and the machine.

The start-up went smoothly, the installation has been working perfectly since August 2007, and is now entering its second winter.

The air is drier and it is a real mid-season heating system, which relieves the central heating system which is put on standby on days when the temperature is milder. Despite an increase in the electricity bill, this allows for a significant reduction in the central heating bill and a significant saving on the heating budget.

As far as maintenance is concerned, the machine’s filter drawers are very practical and allow for quick removal of the filters, which are also washable.

I can only recommend this reversible thermodynamic double flow ventilation system.

Thanks again to the GAC MyDATEC sales representative for his precious advice and availability, as well as to all the members of his company.

Sincerely yours.

A satisfied customer.

Gérard *********