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Type of project : Renovation

Thermodynamic double flow ventilation and air quality:


R 2000 (RTH MyDATEC) installed in July 2009

I would like to share with you my great satisfaction following the installation of my thermodynamic double flow CMV.

What motivated my purchase of the device is above all a question of comfort and health.

My house, heated by a gas boiler, was not ventilated, resulting in a high level of humidity at all times, which made it feel cold.

The heating engineers I had contacted suggested a single flow CMV with a possible expensive and cumbersome heat pump. They didn’t seem to know about the double-flow VMC.

It was while researching on the internet about double flow CMVs that I came across your device. I then contacted GAC MyDATEC by phone: the very precise information, the complete and detailed information presented in a personalized file, the “made-to-measure” estimate convinced me of the seriousness of the company, of the reliability and of the lasting interest of this device. On the proposal of the MyDATEC sales representative, an RTR 2000 (RTH MyDATEC) will be installed.

During the summer of 2009, I installed it myself in the attic of our house. I was assisted very efficiently by the MyDATEC sales representative thanks to a regular telephone follow-up: he was always available. I did not hesitate to contact him whenever I had questions about a technical point of installation or to clarify the operation.

The installation by an average do-it-yourselfer in lost attics does not pose any problems (it is my case): of course, I devoted a lot of time to it since I chose, on this occasion, to create a new access hatch to the attic and to renew completely the insulation. But the final result is really satisfying.

I called an electrician to do the connections: he was very interested in this thermodynamic double-flux ventilation system, so much so that he plans to recommend it to his clients.

Since then, the device has been working. My first assessment is very positive:

– The air in the house is much healthier, we no longer have a feeling of humidity (the hygrometry rate is reduced by half!).

– For the heating,. For my house dating from the 1970s, a temperature of 10° outside allows to heat exclusively with the VMC (after the rise in temperature helped by the boiler), below 10° the device works in relay with my gas boiler.

– I appreciate the principle of heat recovery, from an ecological and economic point of view.

– Concerning the use in summer, I don’t have any hindsight yet, not having used it fully because the insulation was not in place.

The points that seem less positive to me are:

– The blown air does not make any noise, but the aspiration in winter mode is relatively noisy: it is true that the kitchen and bathroom are very small rooms in my house.

– The unit does not come with a day/night programmer to set the temperature. You should consider doing it manually if you wish.

In conclusion, although I still lack hindsight on a use in all seasons, I recommend this device: in my opinion, the double flow CMVs are a solution of the future, they are part of a sustainable development logic that I was looking for. This VMC, in particular, allows to combine comfort and hygiene with energy saving.

The MyDATEC thermodynamic CMV is well designed. The quality of the preliminary study; the shipment of the assembly parts (of sufficient quality and quantity); the listening and the advice, in particular from the MyDATEC team, are services that I greatly appreciated.

With my greetings and thanks.

Dominique ******