Type of project : Replacement


Owner of a double flow ventilation system, old generation, Robovent brand, for 22 years, the motors of this one (probably a little because of a lack of maintenance) being faulty, I had to decide to replace it.

After various researches I turned to the “DATEC 2” from G.A.C MyDATEC in Dardilly in the Lyon region.

After a few phone calls, I sent the plan of the house and specified the place where I wanted to install the central unit which has a certain size (height: 115 cm, width: 80 cm, depth: 45 cm). Not to mention the departure of the ducts from the top.

In return, I received a complete file of the future installation with a detailed plan of realization (passage of the ducts, location of the extractors and insufflation, detailed electric connections …….) and a descriptive and quantitative offer with a check list of all the elements.

After a few small phone calls, I sent the quote back and a few days later I received the material, very well packaged on a single pallet.

I must point out that all telephone conversations have always been very courteous, without waiting, and have always focused on the client’s desi