Type of project : Replacement


Owner of a double flow ventilation system, old generation, Robovent brand, for 22 years, the motors of this one (probably a little because of a lack of maintenance) being faulty, I had to decide to replace it.

After various researches I turned to the “DATEC 2” from G.A.C MyDATEC in Dardilly in the Lyon region.

After a few phone calls, I sent the plan of the house and specified the place where I wanted to install the central unit which has a certain size (height: 115 cm, width: 80 cm, depth: 45 cm). Not to mention the departure of the ducts from the top.

In return, I received a complete file of the future installation with a detailed plan of realization (passage of the ducts, location of the extractors and insufflation, detailed electric connections …….) and a descriptive and quantitative offer with a check list of all the elements.

After a few small phone calls, I sent the quote back and a few days later I received the material, very well packaged on a single pallet.

I must point out that all telephone conversations have always been very courteous, without waiting, and have always focused on the client’s desiderata.

I pass on the rather fastidious installation work (passage of the sheaths in the attic, drilling of the ceilings for fixing the air vents, passage of the electric sheaths for supply, connection of the control boxes and the thermostats……..)

A fortnight later, I put the installation into operation. This was at the beginning of April 2006.

I didn’t need any heating at all until the following winter when the VMC ensured a temperature of 20 degrees without any problem.

This Thermodynamic VMC which delivers 2900 W for 1200 W absorbed is enough to heat the house of 100 m² living space on the same level if the outside temperature does not go down under six degrees during the day (we can even admit a fall until 2 or 3 degrees in the night without turning on the convectors the inside temperature going down to about 18° which is bearable for the night).

It should be noted that the bathroom is always heated by a 500 W electric convector at about 23°.

If I were building my house now, I would couple this system with a Canadian well, without hesitation, but in the current state of things, it would be an investment and work too important.

For the cooling function I think that the efficiency is proportionally lower. To maintain 25° inside, it should not be more than 33 or 34° outside. This was my first experience and it will be verified in the coming summers.

In conclusion, I can say that this VMC provides me with a very pleasant comfort and that it is very well adapted to the Nantes region where the winters are not very rigorous. It remains to confirm these good impressions in the years to come.

Bernard ********