Type of project : Renovation


To add to your guestbook, I am sending you the results of my experience as a buyer, installer and user of the MyDATEC RT 300H thermodynamic ventilation system.

Our house, built in 1980, has a living space of 190 m2 on 3 levels, it is heated electrically with a wood burning insert and has a single flow VMC; initially it is correctly insulated (breeze block walls of 25 + 8 cm of glass wool + 4 cm of brick + 1 cm of plaster; slate roof + 16 cm of glass wool; double glazed windows); however the slate roof “everit” containing asbestos fibre led me to consider its replacement in 2009.

At the beginning of 2010, I had an energy study of our house done by a specialized firm before undertaking any work; the conclusions of the study show :

1-the interest of reinforcing the insulation under the roof: 20 cm of wood fiber + 4 cm of wood fiber rain screen.

2-the advantage of a double flow ventilation.

For the guestbook of MyDATEC I will only talk about the choice of the double flow ventilation.

I received a first estimate based on material H. which seemed to me relatively high; I checked on the Internet the various suppliers of double flow ventilation and I thus discovered MyDATEC whose concept of thermodynamic recovery appeared to me very interesting not only for the calories recovered in winter but also for the frigories produced in summer because of the reversibility of the heat pump.

The first telephone contact with the MyDATEC sales representative gave me confidence, so I gathered the information (house plans and photos) for MyDATEC to draw up an estimate, which I received within a week. After reading the MyDATEC proposal, I asked the MyDATEC sales representative for some clarifications (location of the vents, the heat pump, duct assembly details, etc.) as well as for some references close to my home (I contacted them and visited some). I was reassured about the noise, the installation difficulties, the after-sales service and, in general, the quality of MyDATEC’s relations with its customers. Moreover, the price of the equipment seemed reasonable to me: it was lower than the H proposal.

As I am relatively handy, the MyDATEC sales representative convinced me to do the installation myself.

In the summer of 2010 I ordered a RT 300H and all the ducts, vents, shutters … that allow the installation of airflow except for the components and electrical power and control cables (less than 100 more material).

During the summer, I started the preparatory work for the installation:

-drilling a 30 cm diameter hole at 2.50 m high in the east gable wall to ensure the air intake, it was not a pleasure but I succeeded.

-Prepare the air insufflation network (7 insufflation ports). For this I had to build a soffit (a word that the MyDATEC salesman taught me on this occasion) which is a box suspended from the ceiling and in which the ducts run, nearly 7m long, I took the opportunity to redo the lighting of the area, I also drilled walls and ceilings for the air vents.

-Make a connection to the drain of a sanitary facility to connect the condensed water drain.

-clean with a hedgehog the network of air extracted by the VMC in place; incredible the quantity of dust accumulated in these ducts after 30 years!

-Prepare the plugging of the air inlets of the frames used by the existing CMV.

The parcel arrived in mid-September 2010 perfectly packed, the only difficulty was that the large delivery truck could not take the narrow and steep road that gives access to the house; I had to pull the pallet on wheels with my car.

The inventory of the package gives the opportunity to materialize the different elements of the network but also to question those whose utility is not understood, a call to MyDATEC clarifies this without delay.

After having built a rough sled, with my wife, we set about (literally) to make the 50 kg power plant climb the 2 floors to its final destination.

No difficulty to fix the support bars on the rafters; the suspension of the power plant at the right height and in a horizontal position requires a few adjustments of the slings.

I can then start the prefabrication of the various ducts because MyDATEC provides male end caps that fit into the boxes, the vents and other flaps that make up the network and facilitate the assembly of the whole.

I have to wait for the insulation and roof renovation to be completed before I can do the final installation because most of the ducts run through an alley where the roof is being re-roofed.

It is at the beginning of January 2011 that the assembly and the final wiring are carried out then I proceed to the powering up after final checks….Everything works except the compressor which does not start, even after the temporization, a telephone call to MyDATEC and the MyDATEC technician finds the defect immediately: it is necessary to reverse 2 wires in the control box and this time the compressor starts and the hot air spreads in the house by the mouths.

In addition to the energy gain that it generates, the Thermodynamic CMV provides an undeniable comfort by a homogeneous temperature of the house because of the circulation of the air with a sustained flow and that without perceptible noise of the passage of the air in the ducts and the mouths of insufflation and aspiration.The central unit is more audible especially when the compressor is on (hardly more than a refrigerator); as it is located in the attic, I enclosed it in a soundproof box to make it almost inaudible.

The installation has been working satisfactorily for a year, I change the filters every 2 months or so, and I have been able to observe, especially on the new air, the dust and midges that we are spared thanks to the filters. When the outside temperature does not justify the operation of the compressor, I have opted to switch off the ventilation unit (on the box), which nevertheless continues to provide air renewal at a reduced rate.

In summer mode, on the hottest days (36 to 37°C), the indoor temperature did not exceed 26°C with an air supply of 21°C.

A small problem occurred in the summer on the condensed water evacuation circuit: the water tank is emptied by the “flush” effect when the sanitary unit is emptied, which then causes unpleasant GLLRRRUP noises to be heard in the drain pipes. To remedy this, I installed a siphon between the central unit and the sanitary drain.

To monitor the operation of the heat pump when it is active, it is useful to know the inlet-outlet temperatures of each flow. The inlet temperatures are accessible by room thermometers (indoor temperature for extracted air and outdoor temperature for fresh air), but for the outlet temperatures, the machine must be equipped with sensors. I contacted MyDATEC to know their recommendation in this matter, I quickly received an answer which allowed me to install 2 probes connected to a digital display indicating successively each temperature during 5 seconds; this inexpensive device (less than 30) gives me complete satisfaction and allows me to appreciate the energy performance but also to observe the defrost cycles.

To sum up, I am very satisfied with my MyDATEC thermodynamic CMV as well as with the quality of the relationship I had with MyDATEC and in particular with the MyDATEC sales representative throughout my CMV project. I have no doubt that the same will be true for the after-sales service.


Robert ******