MyDATEC test bench to balance the flows

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  • Installer graduated in thermodynamic double flow and network balancing
  • MyDATEC representative


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Training MyDATEC

  • Concerned target : Electricians, Heating engineers, Refrigeration engineers
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Location: MyDATEC premises
  • Price: 400€ HT *
  • Number: min 5 – max 10
  • Prerequisites: Electric concepts,experience in climate engineering, building experience
  • Training tools: Presentations alternated with practical situations, learning assessment at the end of the course.

At the end of the training course

  • Master the MyDATEC products.
  • Learn refrigeration concepts regarding the thermodynamic equipment.
  • Integrate the air flow network balancing procedures.

Training contents


  • 1 – MyDATEC’s view on ventilation.
    You will receive a dynamic presentation of the operation principles of our thermodynamic CMV and how the system works, as well as a description of the SMART mode system size basic installation rules and maintenance.
  • 2 – Further training regarding the internal components and discussions regarding their technical specifications. Practical work on assembly-disassembly will be proposed.
  • 3 – Become the specialist in system commissioning! Using the measurement equipment, simulate breakdowns and installation errors and ascertain their effects on the air flow live.
  • 4 – On the test bench (image on the back side) and using an anemometer, you will balance the installation according to a MYDATEC procedure. With this exercise, you will discover the effects of pressure losses in an air flow network, at
    various flows, and the importance of a good quality network.
  • 5 – To assess what you learned, we suggest you to fill in a MCQ. To close the day, you will receive an Expert Installer
    MyDATEC Certificate confirming your competencies.