RUAUDIN (72230)

Type of project : Replacement

Good evening,

We did not take the time to send you a few words before simply because we had not finalized the installation: the roofing work was finished this weekend.

To summarize, if we recapitulate chronologically our little story :

We had an AEROPLAST STH 350-35NR heat pump installed when the house was built (1980) that we bought back in 1995: it worked properly until about 2007, then no more conclusive results.

Satisfied with this installation, we sought to replace the existing equipment identically.

All the companies we met confirmed that we would not find a replacement. The equipment no longer exists, the system is obsolete, in short, there is no possible replacement solution.

We decided at the beginning of autumn (September) to reactivate our research and we launched our steps on Internet and fell after many searches on the site of MyDatec, after having filled the first questionnaire, we had a first telephone contact allowing to better explain our problem and our need and there what was our surprise to note that for the first time, somebody knew our system and seemed to have a solution to propose us.

We exchanged a number of diagrams and photos of the existing. We very quickly received a proposal with a plan, diagram and forecast for the replacement of our system by a thermodynamic double flow ventilation system.

Our contact was very competent, very professional, targeting perfectly our request: a little skeptical to order on the Internet knowing that we had to manage the change of material, we had various fruitful and constructive exchanges to validate the project and not to take any risk on our future purchase.

At the beginning of October, we launched the order, delivery time a few weeks, beginning of November the pallet arrived as planned. The packages were all located and noted with precision, everything was perfectly in order. The assembly was done without any problem: there was not even a need for a telephone assistant with the elements we had, the system works very well. The only small drawback concerns the thermostat which is light and not very precise.

We had agreed on a payment deadline after receipt of invoice, which was also very well respected, the cashing of our check was done a fortnight after receipt of the material.

In conclusion: very satisfied with our investment, we found a team of professionals, advisers, a serious company that we can trust completely, a purchase on the Internet does not pose any concern with a company of this type, do not hesitate.

Gilles *****

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