Noyal sur Vilaine (35530)

Type of project : Renovation

Since 1974, I have lived in a 104 square meter house that was equipped with a MASSER electric heater. This system is composed of classic convectors, and a ventilation system which took the air outside to distribute it at the foot of each radiator, through a fan then a network of pipes embedded in the ground, the stale air being supposed to go out by the natural ventilations in the wet rooms under the effect of the overpressure created by this fan. I was never satisfied with this system, and I had to complete it by installing a conventional CMV to extract the stale air properly.

While searching for information on double flow ventilation systems on the Internet, I discovered the existence of the RTR 3000 (RTH MyDATEC), whose principle caught my attention.

After contacting the MyDATEC sales representative for more information, I decided to send him the plan of my house so that he could make a proposal adapted to my case.

The answer was quick, and a few weeks later I placed an order for an RTR 2000, which, according to the MyDATEC sales representative, would be sufficient for the size of my home.

Delivery was made promptly on the scheduled date.

As soon as the material arrived, I noticed that the realization of the RTR 2000 (RTH MyDATEC) was very neat, and that the kit was very complete.

I did the installation myself, advised by the MyDATEC sales representative, whom I contacted every time I made an important decision. I take this opportunity to congratulate him for his professionalism and his great patience…

At the start-up, everything worked as planned, only a noise of air generated by the mouths of the rooms, seemed to me too important to find the rest during the night. After notifying the MyDATEC sales representative, I received new vents with a larger diameter within 2 days, which solved the problem. Since then, the unit has been very quiet, both on the extraction and on the blowing side.

Since my house is not very well insulated, the RTR 2000 (RTH MyDATEC) is sufficient to maintain 20° inside when the outside temperature is not lower than 12°. In the future, I plan to do some insulation work in order to use an additional means of heating only a few days a year.

I am now fully satisfied with my choice, and I am at the disposal of people who wish to see this material installed.


Robert *******